acid junkie :]

->->->->->->->->->-> HISTORY
1991 - Baptized at Tallas Technoclub, Dorian Gray, FFM
1992 - Addicted to the Omen, FFM
1993 - Started spinning the wheels
1995 - Resident @ Klangbox Rhein-Main
1996 - Resident @ Tribehaus Rhein-Main
2001 - Got lost in Berlin
2003 - Rediscovered my decks
2005 - Started all over again
2009 - Grown up finally
2011 - Been digitalizing my collection
2014 - damn lot of of work

->->->->->->->->->-> Sound
Mostly Roland's TB-303.
Groovin, kickin sounds, wild, tribal, deep, progressive, evolving, straight forward...that's all it means to me! Unfortunately good acid has been hard to find ;) Ain't got no problem playing the old ones, as long as they still work and move peoples a...

DM Devotee for decades but since I've been "grown up" I got more and more into EBM like Covenant and VNV Nation. Touching me deeply.

Big thanx 2 all I dealt with @ discogs:

Recent Activity
submitted Various - Dancing Through The Christmastime. over 8 years ago
submitted Joe Cocker - Great Hits. over 8 years ago
posted a review of Cybotron - Enter. over 15 years ago
"Industrial Lies" is the most obvious evidence how Cybotron and the other pioneers from Detroit were inspired by Tofflers book "The Third Wave". It is the transformation of vision and critics into revolutionary sound. Begin reading the book in order... See full review
posted a review of Randy Katana - Play It Loud. over 15 years ago
The acidriff on "play it louder" was created by Pump Panel (appears on "Ego Acid" and "Confusion") and rocked the dancefloors already in 94/95. Seems to be one of those rocking tunes never getting out of time.
posted a review of Slot Machine 03 - Flashback. over 15 years ago
The title "Flashback" is well choosen. The track covers main parts of "Illuminatae - Tremora Del Terra (XVX)", which was a club-bomb years before. Playing "Flashback" released flashbacks indeed.