Old school raver from the UK historically attending raves such as Dizstruxshon, Uprising and Atlantis within East Yorkshire. Like many I seriously miss those days but still enjoy locating those vinyl mixed by the likes of Dj M zone, Mark eg and Noya which out competed the happy hardcore played at the time.
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posted a comment on Acrid Abeyance - The Catacomb EP. over 4 years ago
Cheers bud, appreciate people like yourself who take time to advise on tunes. For me, as an old Dizstruxshon Dj Noya/M zone collector it has to be 303 delight all the way..quite bias as I like anything progressive that builds.
posted a comment on Defcon 1 - Defcon 1 EP. over 4 years ago
Even though I'm just over 12 years late (frig me) substrate is the tune I would drop every time ....send em on a journey
posted a comment on Amino - Life. over 5 years ago
Have to admit The Prisoner is a highly recognisable, decent track that could hold its own still today but £30 nahh, that's verging on Axis 'Come On' value. This vinyl, as now a hard trance classic, in no way competes with that release. In my opinion... See full review
posted a comment on D.O.M. - Vegetation EP. over 7 years ago
In my view best release on this label is D.O.M Voltage Control EP. Check it out if into old school Dizstruxshon and Dj Noya epic old school acid tune that just keeps on giving. Hope this helps as took me foooking ages tind this vinyl. To all the old... See full review
posted a comment on D.O.M. - Vegetation EP. over 7 years ago
All I can say is lets fooooking av it old school stylee