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posted a comment on Dave Wallace - Flight / Waves. about 1 year ago
I can confirm that the tracklisting on centre labels and artwork of the picture sleeve copy is correct.
posted a review of Furney / Electrosoul System & Sunchase - ForwardBound / Alluvion. over 2 years ago
Damn, Forwardbound is such a sweet melodic tune, its so well crafted and really shows Furneys production skills.
Liquid dnb how it's supposed be. 5/5
posted a comment on Quantum Leap - Redsun. over 5 years ago
Listen to the track Intermission, finest breakbeats combined with a sweet of a kind!!
posted a comment on Big Bud - Millennium / Future's Live. over 5 years ago
Another timeless masterpiece of the man himself.
intelligent drumandbass at its finest. Especially Millennium,one of the best dnb tunes Ive ever heard Top!!