Various - Die Grosse Star- Und Schlager Parade 1969/3 velove

November 17, 2020
it's because it had Royalsound as label at some point, which is an unofficial label from thailand. open a support request and they'll unblock it.

Charlie Kunz - Ivor Novello Waltz Medley velove

June 28, 2020
Can also be found without the R below F.9920 not sure if this warrants a new submission

yes that would be a new submission.

Rita - Love / Sexologie velove

June 14, 2020
I have a picture sleeve with this : a girl almost naked with a towel and a bottle of perfume?

you should create a new submission for it

Guadalupe Urbina y Los Callejeros (2) - De Todos Modos velove

April 16, 2020
Guadalupe Urbina moved to the Netherlands in 1990 so why wouldn't she collabaorate with the Los Callejeros?

Edna Savage - Evermore / I'll Be There velove

February 9, 2020
because it was entered with the wrong label Parlophone (2) . --> you have to file a support request and ask to remove the block.