EDC* - No Pills sergideckard

June 11, 2020
Sample from Cerrone - Striptease on Brigade Mondaine album (1978)

Various - Trance Europe Express 3 sergideckard

June 2, 2020
On vinyl edition tracks are not mixed on any side

Warp Factor 1 - Care 4 Me sergideckard

May 23, 2020
You can find title track on this ep from him with other brilliant tracks. There's a lot of cheap copies

Mataya Clifford - Living Wild sergideckard

May 10, 2020
The 12" record sounds much better than Youtube uploads, not good at all, but is it worth it

Hinode (2) & Patrice Scott - The Hustlers sergideckard

November 18, 2015
Yes, just yesterday i bought a copy of the repress