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Gillespie - Turntablism E.P.
posted a comment on Gillespie - Turntablism E.P.. about 1 year ago
There is a mistake here because this is obviously a Samuel L. Session production and not a Brian Gillespie one.

Anyway solid release, as usual with Primate Recordings. "Hand On Tha Pitch" is decent but "Turntablism" rocks with its hypnotic bassline,... See full review
Swedish Peace / Fred vs. Fred - Swedish Foxes (Fox Hunt) / 4th Premonition
posted a comment on Swedish Peace / Fred vs. Fred - Swedish Foxes (Fox Hunt) / 4th Premonition. about 1 year ago
A side is a remix of the track "Fox Hunt" by Fred Giannelli that was previously released on the Telepathic Recordings 005 under his alias "Mazdaratti". The original wasn't bad at... See full review
T.L.T. - Kubik
submitted T.L.T. - Kubik. about 1 year ago
Phuture - Rise From Your Grave
posted a comment on Phuture - Rise From Your Grave. over 4 years ago
Dope sample and great track. I don't know exactly when I first heard it but having a voice sample ("Rise from your grave.") from a video game that I know since forever (Altered Beast on Sega Mega Drive)... See full review
Silicone Soul - Right On!
posted a comment on Silicone Soul - Right On!. over 4 years ago
The version you search is more likely "Right On, Right On" that you can find here.
Various - Love Nation
posted a comment on Various - Love Nation . over 4 years ago
Someone knows if the version of "Home" by Microglobe is exclusive to this release? Because I can't find this specific version elsewhere...

Excellent compilation by the way. I bought it on sight for about 2€ years ago in almost mint condition and glad... See full review
Captain Hollywood Project - Love Is Not Sex
submitted Captain Hollywood Project - Love Is Not Sex. over 4 years ago
Samuel L Session - South American Dubs
posted a comment on Samuel L Session - South American Dubs. over 4 years ago
The bass in S.A.D. Part 4 is sampled from "Samba De Flora" by Airto. This also happens to be my favorite track out of this solid release, one of the best by Samuel L Session and one of the best... See full review
James Ruskin - Correction Centre
posted a review of James Ruskin - Correction Centre. over 5 years ago
A side's eerie background is sampled from "Taifun" by Hi Tech Child but James Ruskin delivered the arrangements it needed to turn the whole thing into a better, more coherent track... See full review
Joel Mull - Episodes Of Intense Meaning
posted a comment on Joel Mull - Episodes Of Intense Meaning. over 11 years ago
Amygdala... Excellent arrangements, "oceanic techno", Joel Mull at his best.