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posted a review of All About Eve - Farewell Mr. Sorrow. 4 months ago
Great Idea collecting all the singles in one place - But very poorly executed, Should have track listings of all 3 singles - has no track listings for any of them - also shouldn't have any writing under "Special Collectors Edition" on the front, This... See full review
posted a comment on David Bowie - Is It Any Wonder?. 5 months ago
I ordered Copies of both 12" and CD (and 4 Stickers) the day they went up, none of them arrived - and the tracking has them stopped in New Jersey not helpful as I live in New Zealand - at current prices each song cost over $30
posted a review of David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Space Oddity (F.M. Broadcast 1983). 8 months ago
The Strange thing you will notice listening to this CD is everything on the back is wrong - the first 7 song aren't even listed then it follows the tracklist till the end but those first 7 listed on CD never appear
posted a comment on Roger Waters - Radio K.A.O.S.. 8 months ago
Fun fact about this version it states that it was made in 1967 on the disc
posted a comment on David Bowie. 11 months ago
Bowie Was the producer and Co-Writer of most if not all of the songs, Which is why a number of them appear on bowies later albums Also "Lust For Life" Should Also be on here as it was Made round the same time when Bowie And Iggy were in West Germany... See full review