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posted a comment on Balmorhea - Rivers Arms. over 3 years ago
I adore this. I only wish it was more widely available, as it took me 3 years to find a cheap-enough copy to purchase (90 dollars).
posted a comment on Little People - Mickey Mouse Operation. over 3 years ago
holy shit my dude that is a lot of money for a 2lp plain black vinyl with no extra anything. I'm glad for you, just....damn.
posted a comment on Nils Frahm - All Melody. over 3 years ago
I have the same issue. It's really disappointing, but I can't decide if it's my turntable not being able to handle the heavy bass, or a defect.
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posted a review of Chuck Johnson - Balsams. over 4 years ago
Album is phenomenal. I often find myself sleeping to it.
submitted DJ Shadow - The Mountain Has Fallen EP. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Little People - Mickey Mouse Operation. over 4 years ago
Yeah. I must've gotten one of the last copies direct from his rather hidden store. I mean, it is weird that the only way to purchase it is to go to a link off his facebook page, but whatever.

It was like 25 bucks, I think. I wonder how many were... See full review
posted a comment on Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke - Ego / Mirror. over 5 years ago
does that look like a white label to you? hmmmmm
posted a comment on A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos. over 5 years ago
Plays at 45 rpm. I feel like that should be a part of the note section on discogs, what speed the record plays at.
posted a comment on Little People - Mickey Mouse Operation. over 5 years ago
Tis a very very good pressing. Lolling at those prices though. I got it for like 20 USD.

Though I now see that it was limited to 500. I thought it was like 1000.
posted a comment on Balmorhea - Stranger. over 5 years ago
Excellent pressing, though a tiny tiny amount of noise in the right channel for most of the first track on side A.
posted a comment on David Bowie - ★ (Blackstar). over 5 years ago
just shine a bright light through the stars with the vinyl removed. Then you should see stars coming through the big cut-out star on the front.
posted a comment on Fugees - The Score. over 5 years ago
Yep, disc one is warped quite badly. Haven't put on disc 2 yet.
posted a comment on Patrick O'Hearn - So Flows The Current. over 6 years ago
This needs a vinyl release so badly.