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Noom Records
posted a review of Noom Records. over 16 years ago
The label Noom is a well respected label within the hard trance community. This label has been on the go for a good number of years producing a steady flow of quality darker trance. There has been many different quality music producers releasing on... See full review
Fanatic Cracks - Universal Sound
posted a review of Fanatic Cracks - Universal Sound. over 16 years ago
Out of the two tunes on this release the most played has to be "I try to believe" This tune was hammered by the DJ M Zone in the mid 90'S at raves such as Doncaster Warehouse and Dizstruxshon. All the way through the tune it features a woman saying "I... See full review
Voodoo Posse - Totem Vibes EP
posted a review of Voodoo Posse - Totem Vibes EP. over 16 years ago
Tune tune on this release "Totem Vibe" was a well played tune from the 90's northern England rave scene. Played by such DJ'S as Chris C and DJ 007. A great floor filler with bouncing beats and that typical rave melody. This tune was later re-released... See full review
The Postman - 2
posted a review of The Postman - 2. over 16 years ago
This tune has to be one of the biggest anthems from the legendary rave "Dizstruxshon" With a combination of a hard bouncing beats and a powerful breakdown this has to be one of Influence Recordings best releases from 1995.This tune was spun countless... See full review
Sequential One - Pump Up The Bass
posted a review of Sequential One - Pump Up The Bass. over 17 years ago
This tune has to be one of the biggest tunes to have hit the rave scene back in 95. Hammered by the dj m zone for many years. It features a sample saying "wait a minute, hands up" great stomping bass line with a great uplifting melody.

A surprising... See full review
Zong !!* - Tangoá
posted a review of Zong !!* - Tangoá. over 17 years ago
This tune is well played classic at the legendary rave "Dizstruxshon" The tune starts off with a fair ground melody which builds up to be a storming bouncy hard trancer. This tune feature a woman saying "tangoa" at the break down just before the... See full review
Cybordelics - Nighthorse
posted a review of Cybordelics - Nighthorse. over 17 years ago
This is a tune which spans through a wide range of musical taste. It is a well excepted tune from the early tecno scene also the hard trance scene. The tune "Adventures of Dama" was regulary played at the techno club "orbit" also at the legendary rave... See full review