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posted a comment on Round One - I'm Your Brother. 12 months ago
Wonder how Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus got hooked up with Andrew Cain? Two German techno guys and one 80s pop singer who only had one album and a few singles. Granted, he has a seriously soulful singing voice and was a studio/session performer... See full review
posted a comment on Eddie*, Santonio* - Turn Me Out. over 3 years ago
Don't judge this record by the videos on Youtube. Those are all the remixes done by Graeme Park on the Logic records. Park turned a good Detroit house tune into trash.
If you want the real deal/Detroit house get the Made In Detroit release.
posted a comment on Bj?rn Torske - Nedi Myra. over 5 years ago
Not just similar - it's the same photo that's just been altered a bit in color and with Bj?rn's face pasted over Pugh's.
Pretty obscure reference for anyone living outside of Sweden.
posted a comment on In Sync - Untitled. over 7 years ago
now 7 people share the one copy that is available
posted a comment on Deep Haven Music. over 8 years ago
RIP Thomas (DJ Man-X) - We'll all miss you deeply
posted a comment on Anxious (2) - Phungus. over 8 years ago
that's just tinnitus
posted a comment on Abacus - Analog Trax Vol. 2. over 9 years ago
It's a Stevie Wonder song, not by the Carpenters. The original song that the lyric is taken from is called "I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)". You can find it on Stevie Wonder's "Talking Book" LP.
posted a comment on Joe Lewis - The Return Of Joe Lewis. over 11 years ago
See Jamie Read's myspace page:

Jamie has talked about this often:
[quote]At eighteen I met Joe Lewis at a friends house and gave away two dats on the promise of a release, WHAT A FOOL, He proceded to release my music... See full review
posted a comment on Joe Lewis - He's Back. over 11 years ago
This is not Joe Lewis' music. He stole all of this music from Jamie Read.
posted a review of Various - Debut LP Magazine - Issue 11. over 13 years ago
These Debut Magazine/Records are fantastic. They had a fairly short run most likely because of the expense of creating and distributing a magazine and an album packaged together in a gate-fold sleeve (magazine stapled inside the fold). Licensing the... See full review
posted a review of Jose James* / Ayak And First Man* - Brownswood Bubblers (Part 3). over 14 years ago
José James just knocks me out - such smooth vocals on this wonderful track - along the lines of Johnny Hartman and Nat King Cole. Will make the ladies swoon.
posted a review of The Aquarian* - Who Is The Aquarian?. over 16 years ago
Cool mix of melodic Detroit techno and deep Chicago house. A nice little 12" - worth picking up if you find it.
posted a review of South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind. over 16 years ago
One of the very best deep house/Garage tracks - the first time I heard this song I had tears streaming down my face by the end. Still is such a fantastic, deeply emotional track. Don't bother with the new remixes - they're like crayon scribblings on... See full review
posted a review of Chateau Flight* - Cosmic Race. over 16 years ago
Unbelievably deep future music. One of the best Chateau Flight releases I've heard and they have some great stuff prior to this release. B side is all locked groove sections taken from the A side. For DJs who like to scuba dive.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Preview. over 16 years ago
I think those who listen to this record and are disappointed by one side being taken up by an interview when there could have been another track are completely missing the point. Sure, Mills could have out another musical track but instead he pressed... See full review
posted a review of Chaser - Game On!. over 16 years ago
This is a really fantastic collection of downtempo, hip-hop influenced tracks and some lovely deep house tunes as well. I've seen it many times in used bins or discounted to obscene low prices. People passing this up? Too bad because there are some... See full review
posted a review of Ron Trent - The Afterlife. over 16 years ago
So many people have tried to duplicate this track - from Josh Wink's "Higher States of Consciousness" to Slam's "Positive Education" but none can touch Ron Trent's "Altered States." This track captures it all - the acid workout, the feeling of Detroit... See full review
posted a review of Fragmented Records. over 16 years ago
Solid mid 90s UK label that was a sublabel of Kickin' Records. Label was run by Scott Braithwaite aka The Cause (with Craig Walsh). Has some really great Detroit style techno records from Paul Mac, Morgan Geist, Richard Lahaine, and Dan Curtin. There... See full review
posted a review of Native. over 16 years ago
Often overlooked in the record bins but well worth purchasing. Quality techno tracks with an eye on Detroit. Easy to find something you'll like on each sampler. From Dan Curtin to John Tejada, Paul Mac to Mark Broom. A little something for the dance... See full review
posted a review of Sumo Records (US). over 17 years ago
Great house/garage label that released records with that deep NJ sound. Don't be confused by the fools who have posted trance/progressive house titles to this label discog. - look for the little Sumo warrior on the label and you've got the REAL Sumo records. See full review