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Ezra Furman
posted a comment on Ezra Furman. 19 days ago
sweet fuckin jesus ...whomever gave this guy the microphone should be hanged.

this may seems hilarious for a few seconds, but might cause trauma in the long run.
posted a comment on Geophone. 23 days ago
might be a coincidence, but my guess is Mike Parker listened to the mid-late 90's Missile records...a lot ;)
DJ Slip
posted a comment on DJ Slip. 23 days ago
still probably the most underrated techno producer out there.
unique programming, unique gear selection, odd grid / shuffle settings - proper techno music that you won't find else.
Melvo Baptiste
posted a comment on Melvo Baptiste. 3 months ago
love the Glitterbox show from its early days. it's been 5 years already and he covers pretty much every valueable disco production coming out, so it's a priceless time saver for serious diggers.
Johannes Heil - Illuminate The Planet
posted a comment on Johannes Heil - Illuminate The Planet. 3 months ago
I'd say it was his last one sounding to my taste, Reality to Midi being a better thing in all areas (except diversity of course)
to be honest it's the E/F disc that makes it a keeper, but I'd say even the doublepack on Uturn was more relevant.

Laux... See full review
posted a comment on Flume. 3 months ago
listening to the stuff he produced for transgressive recs i'd say it rates among the most ridiculous, annoying, childish electronic music I've had the misfortune to hear in 30 years.

the stuff designed and manufactured in order to impress the 0-10... See full review
Various Artists (3) - 1-7
posted a comment on Various Artists (3) - 1-7. 4 months ago
number three, to me, was a game changer. when I first heard these rusty, metallic chords I knew this was something else that will stay with for a very long time. this was so "mine" I couldnt believe it was recorded by someone else.

Unforgettable EP... See full review
Ralph Kaminski - M?odo??
posted a comment on Ralph Kaminski - M?odo??. 5 months ago
check the runout numbers - if it's "v50553" it should sound pretty balanced, if the number is without the "v" you've got one of the early pressings which were made from a harsh, middy sounding DMM masters.

the v50553 were cut by another studio and... See full review
Jeff Mills
posted a comment on Jeff Mills. 5 months ago
1994 - 1997.
everything he made at the time was pure gold, be it Axis, Purpose Maker, or his DJ sets, he was the mysterious/alien Midas of techno back then, pretty much two steps ahead of his contemporaries.

I may not be the bigest fan of the... See full review
Nilesh Patel
posted a comment on Nilesh Patel. 5 months ago
Long story short, techno, as I know it, would NOT happeen without this guy.
he was just as important in mid-late 90s' Europe, as the late Ron Murphy was in the early 90's in the US.

I'd give away my record collection for a beer and 15 minutes of chat... See full review
Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak
posted a comment on Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak. 5 months ago
have you ever spelled "track" with a "c" after buying this record?

me neither ;)

Vainqueur - Lyot
posted a comment on Vainqueur - Lyot. 5 months ago
if there was anything like a "classic" techno track it would be this one.
apart from everything's said before I'd say it's
the best use of a gated reverb on a kick drum Ive ever heard.

have to agree with most, the maurizio mix steals the record, but... See full review
Tomie Nevada
posted a comment on Tomie Nevada. 5 months ago
I remember his earliest tracks and to this day I'm stunned how he got that sound from a humble PC (before he joint the ELP medien crew in Ffm). he was super-smart in terms of analysing the "big named" and reproducing the sound design at home.
His ELP... See full review
Fumiya Tanaka - Floor.People.Tension.EP
posted a comment on Fumiya Tanaka - Floor.People.Tension.EP. 6 months ago
Fumiya Tanaka & Nilesh Patel - the perfect combo. it's one of those records that make you believe 12" records sound punchy and crisp throughout the audio spectrum.

This one fits perfectly between early Dynamic Tension and late 90's Cosmic records. I... See full review
Patrick Pulsinger - Dogmatic Sequences II
posted a comment on Patrick Pulsinger - Dogmatic Sequences II. 6 months ago
i hear a lot of Joey Beltram's "Places" samples here ;)
good remixes* though.
Cristian Vogel - Body Mapping
posted a comment on Cristian Vogel - Body Mapping. 6 months ago
a real shame "out with the girls" didnt make it to the 2x12" version.
posted a comment on Neuton. 6 months ago
Neuton made an amzing job between 1996 and 2000 in terms of manufacturing and distribution of european techno music.
I miss the days of Neuton, Prime and Integrale - their selection was head & shoulders above the post-2000 flood of software generated... See full review
Marco Carola
posted a comment on Marco Carola. 6 months ago
I miss the late OTS/Design, early Zenit/Question Marco Carola.
both in his DJ set selection and his own productions.
I'd understand a musical evolution, but I cannot understand the switch from his punchy, high-end* hardware production to software... See full review
Huburtus Krantz - Disturbe No EP
posted a comment on Huburtus Krantz - Disturbe No EP. 7 months ago
for a split second i thought i found an obscure but surprisingly competent producer, but only one EP got me suspicious, checked here - and yes, Paul Mac. case closed.
Oliver Bondzio
posted a comment on Oliver Bondzio. 7 months ago
pretty confusing not to find any comments under his profile. Oliver Bondzio is not just 50% of Hardfloor, throughout the 90s he was also a great DJ with courageous track selection and a great feeling of momentum/flow. Check his Evosonic sessions for... See full review
posted a comment on wmfono. 7 months ago
the plant ended its existence in December 2020, the facility with all equipment 's been acquired by X-Disc S.A.
Holy Ghost* - Gone Fishin'
posted a comment on Holy Ghost* - Gone Fishin'. 7 months ago
To me the Advent rmx sounds like a remix of Pacou's "Tension" rather than anything remotely connected to the original "Hand of god" samples ;)
posted a comment on Scopex. 9 months ago
as long as we do not know whom these were produced by i'd think this is how a meeting of Gerald Donald and Cisco ferreira might sound like.

absolutely essential material for anyone into Drexciyen take on the Kraftwerk sound aesthetics.

the Tresor... See full review
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy. 10 months ago
is it only me, or is this thing totally inspired by the character of Bob, the evil spirit living inside Leland Palmer throughout the second season of Twin Peaks?
Whitney Houston - Run To You
posted a comment on Whitney Houston - Run To You. 10 months ago
private stuff aside this is the mightiest voice of the early '90s - she sang whatever she wanted to. Mozart would love 92/93 Whitney Houston.
Jeff Bennett - Exploration E.P.
posted a comment on Jeff Bennett - Exploration E.P.. 11 months ago
gotta hate these shameless Round Three / M6 rip offs that really sound pale compared to the original ;/
posted a comment on Driftwood. 12 months ago
echospace comes to mind

(whose turnaround is a couple of years...and you'll get every 5th release you have paid for)
Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time
posted a comment on Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time. 12 months ago
"setting sun" remains one of my faverites takes on Magic Juan's "Starlight".
i never cared about "groove la chord" but "otill" and setting sun" is THE Aril I miss.
Merv - Re-Melted
posted a comment on Merv - Re-Melted. 12 months ago
both sides aged really well.
i remember it was pretty hyped among "BC / dub techno lovers" when it was new, but similarly to Mono Junk's "Channel B" this stood the test of time, and sounds just as good as the day it's been published.

dusty / foggy bliss
posted a comment on Disco-Press. 12 months ago
off centre B sides were quite common, BUT you can always correct that on your own.

As far as clean galvanics and the noise floor they were very, very good.
no clicks, no pops. i've never heard a disc they've pressed that would have any sonic defects.... See full review
Model 500 - Sonic Sunset
posted a comment on Model 500 - Sonic Sunset. 12 months ago
if you want them to stop talking, and focus on the music instead, play Neptune.
you will get ID requests even if you thought you were playing to an empty room. One of Juans blessed moments,

and reasons he was called "magic Juan" throughout the 90s.
posted a comment on Nuron. 12 months ago
quite likely the Ayrton Senna of electronic music.

"Eau rogue"? slipstream"? "Interlagos"? welcome to the pre-DRS electronic music..
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
Portion Reform - The Supreme Negative
posted a comment on Portion Reform - The Supreme Negative. 12 months ago
Shrine, Burn, Position - it sounds like abandoned railroad crossings or airports, but still you get that Jim Jones / Lino 21 dark, evil energy creeping out of these tracks.

it takes a precisely defined context to make these work on a dancefloor, but... See full review
T++ - Allied / Tensile
posted a comment on T++ - Allied / Tensile. about 1 year ago
I love TP for his low profile attitude. no hype, no nonsense, no "social media" exposure, just pure, spon on records, BUT...

as much as this isnt music for everyone, some of the runs are just a little bit too elitist. It looks like a Record Industry... See full review
Locomotive - Steam EP
posted a comment on Locomotive - Steam EP. about 1 year ago
2/4 "middle 1" with its off-beat chord-stab is a link between Fokus b1 and ante zenit 02 a2 - and i'd say it is an answer (upgrade?) to Adam Beyer's drumcode 9 a1 - it's a perfect peak-hour techno tool, but one has to be very careful not to play to... See full review
Reducer - Politik
posted a comment on Reducer - Politik. about 1 year ago
it's a 140 bpm record, -6% does the job perfectly (if you really have to pitch it down for the elderly dancing at 132-134 bpm ;)

a1 reminds of the 1998 sound of Oliver Ho ("Entering the plural" on Blueprint and the likes), but on closer inspection... See full review
posted a comment on Question. about 1 year ago
apart from early zenit and late design, this is marco carola's best period imo, especially the 002 - 006 series.
User (4) - 001A
posted a comment on User (4) - 001A. about 1 year ago
classic stamper missmatch, happens a lot during the night shifts ;) at the pressing plants
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
D.K. (10)
posted a comment on D.K. (10). about 1 year ago
honestly, i dont get it.
stop wasting good music by releasing single LPs with horrendous s/n ratio. in the 12" world, the LP is sonic garbage, full stop.
and if you're cutting a dmm, at least use Pauler Acoustics to do the cutting (the best sounding... See full review
Sun Electric / Schizophrenia - Tresor 3 (Three)
posted a comment on Sun Electric / Schizophrenia - Tresor 3 (Three). about 1 year ago
this is where Ash Ra's Manuel "sunrain" Goetsching and M-series really meet. you will not truly understand what has happened in the 1993/4 season if you didnt study this beauty :)
posted a comment on Question. about 1 year ago
to me, the late Design, Question 2-7 and the early Zenit was the peak of Marco Carola..

it is so confusing to read all the recent million EUR lawsuit news etc..I remember him playing in the league of Jeff Mills, L Garnier or Luke Slater..

his career... See full review
Surgeon / Regis / Female - The End Of Living, The Start Of Survival
posted a comment on Surgeon / Regis / Female - The End Of Living, The Start Of Survival. about 1 year ago
hard education was cut in dmm and it didnt quite do the tracks justice, especially surgeon's tracks didnt take it too well.

how about the regis tracks used here? Are they any louder / more punchy than the Hard Education masters?
Joris Voorn - Lost Memories Pt. 2
posted a comment on Joris Voorn - Lost Memories Pt. 2. about 1 year ago
what is it that you would have to overdose to prefere this over the UR mix of "the colour of love" by The Reese Project?
Convextion - Convextion
posted a comment on Convextion - Convextion. about 1 year ago
wish Astrum was given a whole side @ 45 rpm some point in the future.
Jeff Mills - The Electrical Experience
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - The Electrical Experience. about 1 year ago
ticket to thrillville is another mix of the "lonely assistant" - it's not exactly the same, the 1/8 delay applied to the high pitched sample being the most obvious different. the cut also sounds different, there is more low end on the PM006.

same... See full review
Record Industry
posted a comment on Record Industry. about 1 year ago
I work as QC at another plant, and i always use Pallas, DFI and Record Industry as the plants to match.

I've got like 1000-1100 records pressed at RI (1999-now) and Ive never found a single issue. Their 140g records are always perfectly flat, zero... See full review
Oliver Ho - Prima Materia
posted a comment on Oliver Ho - Prima Materia. about 1 year ago
this was a proper stunner, closing the "early Meta" period to me as his sound changed a lot from the 7th release onwards. The first six were much darker, i'd say less accessible, and more hmm.. "abstract". The "early Meta" are the main reason I still... See full review
Fenton* & Thomas* - Black Science E.P.
posted a comment on Fenton* & Thomas* - Black Science E.P.. about 1 year ago
cool track but it's based on Joey Beltram's and Marco Carola's samples - a litttle credit to the source wouldnt be a bad idea.