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posted a comment on Nelly Van Orsouw - Een Moeder In Ca?ro. about 1 month ago
Iemand die dit singletje wil verkopen? Ik zoek er al lang naar.
posted a comment on Alina (2) - Du Wei?t Nicht, Was Du Willst. 2 months ago
Great song with a guitarist playing riffs with a great fuzz tone!
posted a comment on Tones And I. 6 months ago
dance monkey on 7" 45 RPM would be very cool !
posted a comment on DJ Stefanleur Ft. De Esperando's - Sexy Weekend!. 8 months ago
Hier zou een 7" single van moeten komen :) jbs?
posted a comment on Mia En Leo - My Baby Balla Balla. 9 months ago
Foutje op de hoes staat 'liefde' in plaats van 'vreugde' :)
posted a comment on Cora Und Carin - Geh Oder Küss Mich. about 1 year ago
Anyone who wants to sell? I would be really happy!
posted a comment on Liane Covi - Mein Herz Hat Einen Knacks / Und Dann Kamst Du. about 1 year ago
Im looking for the original cover. Somebody who owns it and wants to sell?
posted a review of Renate Kern - Geh' Mit Gott . about 1 year ago
The B-site of this record is great! Check it out.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago