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Rory was using the sales to buy a house. King deserves a palace.
It's one thing thinking he should consider your opinion on ANYTHING to do with him or his art. (entitled much?)
But to bitch about his process when you chose to involve yourself in it?... See full review
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There's two versions now. First edition is a pink cassette with blue writing. Second edition is white cassette with blue writing.
posted a comment on Milo (34) & Kenny Segal - So The Flies Don't Come. 11 months ago
Update: Milo has now said there will not be another repress. Kenny released 3 copies from his personal collection last month. They are the only documented sealed copies still in existence.

edit: 2 left
posted a comment on Billy Woods, Kenny Segal - Hiding Places. 11 months ago
Kenny just released 3 of these from his personal collection. They are the only documented copies still sealed.

Edit: Now down to 2
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Both the white & 180 gram versions are now sold out via Backwoodz
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According to the album lyrics, '1000 dollar tape cause I say so.'

Neither has really said why publically other than that I don't think.

They didn't have em at either solo show, but they are only 15-20 at a Nostrum show if you get the chance.
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Standing offer to buy this or any other MOTES cassettes. Private message me for other releases. Thanks!
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Not an official release, just a rumored reordering of the songs on Lateralus. I'd buy one of they were printed, though. It's my preferred way to listen to the record. And the official pressing of Lateralus was iffy for a bunch of people.. my copy... See full review
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posted a comment on Guante & Big Cats! - Don't Be Nice. over 3 years ago
One of the baddest conscious mixtapes there is. Bout 5 of these tunes will hold up with any of the best storytelling in hip-hop, and Big Cats! creates the perfect backdrop that's mellow & lush, but could also soundtrack a house party. Great stuff.
posted a comment on MK Larada* - Break In Two - Music For B-People. over 3 years ago
Marshall is definitely missed from the Doomtree crew. Turbo and he put a stamp on the sound that a lot of us fell in love with. This is something of a 'roots' hip-hop mixtape. He takes all the disparate linages from funk, soul, disco, electro,... See full review
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There are actually 1000 copies. The first hundred Clozee sold herself through the Gravitas Records Bandcamp. These copies are not stamped.
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B7 is labelled incorrectly, or the wrong song is credited. Should be 'Rancho Boogie' by Tex Williams & His Orchestra.
posted a comment on Various - The First Rock And Roll Record. over 4 years ago
Excellent compilation of music in general, even excluding the history. I'd rank it very high on a list of most effective starting places for a beginner to the subject. For those curious, this wiki page gives a good overview of most the material on the... See full review
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posted a review of Ceschi - Shorted Circuits EP. over 6 years ago
The vinyl itself is very nice. Looks good. Sounds good. Not much is the way of packaging.

As for the music, the A side is stellar. Good tunes. Nice mix of sung and rapped vocals, even both at the same time. Wonderful cadence. The kind of lyrics you... See full review
posted a review of Uffe (6) - Times All. over 6 years ago
I can't say I love what Uffe does, but there's something about it that draws me to it all the same. Pretty decent little EP, not stellar, but not to be tossed aside either.
Track by track:

All I Did - Vocals get a little repetitive in the beginning... See full review
posted a review of Uffe (6) - Straess! EP. over 6 years ago
If you can find it for a good price, Something Wrong by itself is worth it. The O.P.T Remix is pretty decent. Both versions of turbulence are kinda so-so; the original being the better of the two. Fist Fight was kinda fun to listen to once, but I... See full review
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On the CD, all of the songs flow together almost as one piece of music, but on the LP there are distinct pauses between most songs. It's still good music, but not nearly as immersive of a listening experience by comparison.
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*LP was pressed to be played at 45 rpm*
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This is one of those albums you listen to cover to cover. Only a handful of tracks stand up on their own, but in the context of the album, they are all fantastic. It has everything I love about punk music. It's loud. It's fast. It's abrasive. It... See full review
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The White Stripes are untouchable. The list of musicians that have graced the range of stages and audiences with the style and sheer gusto that are Jack and Meg, whatever the genre, is lined by names near turned to lore. Musicians who's visages come... See full review