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submitted DJ Dag & Matthew Kramer - Omen Ade. over 5 years ago
posted a review of Isolée - Western Store. over 14 years ago
A very dissapointing release from Isolee after the great "Monster"-album and the exorbitant "Rest". None of the tracks have special moments and are allover very average. At least the best tracks are the remixes of his old ones.
posted a review of Claude Young - The Altamirian EP. over 15 years ago
I don't unterstand the bad reputation of this record. The two Young tracks offer all the well-known and beloved complexity in design with the many layers of sound and in addition the ability to push someone on the dancefloor foward. I my opinion this... See full review
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Three Ages. over 15 years ago
After the great scores for Metropolis and The Time Machine this one is really disappointing. Mills stated that it was his first attempt to create music for a comedy and in my opinion this wasn't a good idea. Without the pictures from the movie, the... See full review
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Suspense / Dramatized. over 15 years ago
SUSPENSE, a powerfull all time classic, eventually released for more than a handful of lucky ones, which have the old DRAMA EP.

DRAMATIZED on the other hand is a very average track from the master, and i don't wonder about why this was hold back... See full review
posted a review of Core Productions. over 18 years ago
Core is a new label hailing from the capital that has been set up to highlight the massive influx of new talent on the drum and bass scene. And what better way to debut a label than with two fresh slices of music from Manchester's fast rising star, Daze.