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posted a review of Drumcode. over 4 years ago
Used to be amazing, pretty much the definition of business techno nowadays. SAD
Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day
posted a comment on Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day. over 4 years ago
Everyone's entitled to an opinion sure. That doesn't make your opinion valid though. As a result of freedom of expression, we are also entitled to tell you that your opinion is terrible, and that your review shows how little you understand about... See full review
H. Brunner* - Awakening
posted a comment on H. Brunner* - Awakening. over 7 years ago
Don't buy the recent repress, Heath's never seen an additional dime for it.

From the man himself:
"In an effort to slow down the illegal reproduction and distribution of my Awakening EP that I have yet to receive any further royalties or... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco (Part 2)
posted a review of Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco (Part 2). over 16 years ago
Wighnomy Brothers rmx is the winner on this release. Groovy crisp shuffling percussion, beautiful stabs and bassline, and some of the worst singing I've ever heard on a track. The first verse is sung perfectly so you're thrown off in the beginning,... See full review
Henrik B
posted a review of Henrik B. over 16 years ago
Um, what happened? Did aliens kidnap the Henrik B I know and love and replace him with some evil doppleganger? 'cause this new stuff surely doesn't sound like the Drumcode & Mad Eye producer I adore. This new electro-house might be the in-thing in... See full review
Claude VonStroke - Deep Throat
posted a review of Claude VonStroke - Deep Throat. over 17 years ago
Is it just me that's been obsessed with this track in both incarnations for the past year and a half? I don't think so considering it's been repressed god knows how many times, and has been re-licenced to a French label. But who's surprised? The... See full review
Timo Maas
posted a review of Timo Maas. over 17 years ago
Timo Maas first got me into non-commercial dance music with his big-room stormers like "Der Schieber", "Riding on a Storm" and his earlier material. It seemed as if the quality of his releases seemed to slip post-Perfecto though, and I must admit that... See full review
Joris Voorn - Future History
posted a review of Joris Voorn - Future History. over 18 years ago
I must agree... I'd listened to Year of the Monkey in many sets before, and it was one of the tunes I was so glad to be getting in the double LP. But it's not just a new vocal, it's got new percussion as well... it used to be more stripped back, which... See full review
Cohen* vs. Deluxe* - Just Kick! (Carl Cox Mix)
posted a review of Cohen* vs. Deluxe* - Just Kick! (Carl Cox Mix). over 19 years ago
I love the phrase on the back of the record... "uses elements". It's Pontape with vocals and some basic percussion from It Just Won't Do. That said, it's a great tune, highly accessible and a great way to introduce techno to your average punter.
SLS* Presents Raw Material - Made It Warfare
posted a review of SLS* Presents Raw Material - Made It Warfare. over 19 years ago
Excellent record if you like your raw cut-up loops. With seemingly little regard, SLS constructs 4 tracks with a heavy influence (and possible sampling) from Dr. Dre's "Next Episode". Very funky, just wait for the offset clap and low low bass in Made... See full review
Joff Roach - Microjofft
posted a review of Joff Roach - Microjofft. over 20 years ago
This track is so very classy, sampling many of the default system sounds that you'd hear in Microsoft Windows 98.