IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR VERY SPECIFIC PRESSING VERSIONS OF VINYL YOU MUST COMMUNICATE YOUR NEEDS TO ME BEFORE ORDERING OR IMMEDIATELY AFTER ORDERING. I will not be harassed after the fact because you failed to communicate. I do my very best to match the items to the exact release version as it is display in this database. THIS IS A USER BUILT DATABASE. and I cannot spend all of my days bogged down in other users poorly submitted data to make sure that you get the version you are looking for. YOU MUST COMMUNICATE!

I routinely scout for problem buyers to add to my blocked list. Here is an example of a feedback profile that will get you on the list. Looky here at what nobody should tolerate in a buyer: Geebkyln
All you have to do to stay in the clear is to communicate effectively, be respectful, patient and understanding.

I am currently listing three crates of a collection for a friend comprised mainly of big names and classics in rock, country, pop and a little funk soul. some brand new and sealed and a good bunch of nice condition picture discs. It will take a bit longer to list all these items, but if you are shopping my vinyl or have items in your cart or have ordered, please inquire as to the other titles I have available. Cheers :D

? ? slick pricks on schwill-guzzling pill_dozers

IT DOES NOT COST MORE THAN $5 TO SHIP VINYL IN THE US. if you are charging more than $5, I more or less consider you to be a scammer of sorts, or at least some manner of dishonest person, and almost assuredly, will not order from you. just me feelings on that for the community.

Current primary pet peeves on this community.....

In all likelihood, the item in your hands or in question is NOT a new addition to the database. Please Try Harder to match your item to a currently existing release in the database. your parents lied to you, you are NOT special, and neither is that copy of "The Eagles" you are holding.
Nobody is impressed by how many matrix/ runout variations you can post. in all likelihood, you are attributing it to the wrong page anyway and are just making the mess worse. partly kidding, or am i?
"Live albums"
sorry.... this is not an "Album". at all. these should not appear in the initial album discography whatsoever, period. it needs to be a separate tab listing like singles or compilations. live "albums" are not albums at all. they are not new or unique works, and should by no means be considered so by any listener or collector or researcher. a band with 12 studio albums in a career does not suddenly have 36 albums because their label suddenly decided to release two dozen recordings of some random live tour. those are not new songs. they are not albums. get bent if you feel otherwise, but you are still wrong, only studio albums are actually "albums" of an artists work.
"Lists" are not for you to tag your collection you twits! there is a whole 'nother function for that, it's more prominent on the page, you click "Add To Collection"!!! and it shows right up there, all big and proud.... you own this.... everyone can see it if you want it to. lists are for abstract purposes that do not currently have a logger here. Favorite artist. bands you have seen live. best cover art. Teenage nostalgia. Bands that stink worse than bongwater. do you get it?
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submitted Mark Brett (2) - Something Out Of Nothing. 22 days ago
posted a comment on Warren G - Regulate... G Funk Era. 4 months ago
Lol! Agreed with you on all of that! I love the old G-Funk :D
posted a comment on Various - Skweee Tooth. 4 months ago
Been wondering what "Skwee" is for years now.... Clicked on this page since it's in the title..... um, is there the style "Skwee" on this or are all ya'll just too high to know either way?
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posted a comment on Catherine - Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories. 4 months ago
WTH is this? There used to be a version here with a saki serving set! Where did it go? Bullhonkey....
posted a comment on Various - Contemplation. 4 months ago
I personally think it sounds like garbage...and all I could find to hear was the king Britt mix. but then again I don't recall that name ever having made any sort of memorable impression on me. I'm assuming any elements of "Acid" must be on side B.
posted a comment on Megadeth - The Scorpion. 4 months ago
note to self, never underestimate the power of a promo version to sell for a lot....I subbed this, let it go for $5. somebody is pleased, Sure hope they were not the one that sold it for over $100!!!
posted a comment on Various - America Remembers. 4 months ago
That is so f-ing cool that somebody made this! Long live New Beat! even though I was like 10 when this action was going on. Thanks Estonia! (I love Tommy Cash)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
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posted a comment on Dark Entries. 7 months ago
Listen to "Linea Aspera" (on the label, and the whole reason I am looking at this page) and it's sister act "Keluar" (elsewhere) you may need to change your psychic panties after though....
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posted a comment on Various - Killed By Death #3. about 1 year ago
yeah, not quite sure I understand the rules for banned items here...
submitted Tommy Cash (2) - Rawr. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Blue Ridge Rangers* - The Blue Ridge Rangers. about 1 year ago
This is not the place for this comment. if you like you can make the edit yourself assuming that you are correct. At the top of release pages you will find a link for "Edit Release" click that and go into the history. you can edit from there or leave... See full review
submitted Jimmy Pé - WuShu. about 1 year ago
submitted Deadcrow - M?.?I?.?N?.?D.. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Mighty Dub Katz - It's Just Another Groove (I Think That We Should Get Back Together). about 1 year ago
Damn, Sold this too early for $2.00 in 2011! Look at all these wanters!
submitted Various - Guitars That Rule The World Vol. 2: Smell The Fuzz/The Superstar Guitar Album. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Converter · Asche · Morgenstern - Erode. about 1 year ago
Agreed. Really stellar release overall. Too bad the vast majority of people in the western hemisphere have no idea about it. A wonderfully dark and hard gem, buried deep underground still. A vinyl pressing would be awesome!
posted a comment on Owl Vision - Doomster. about 1 year ago
nu disco huh.... yeah, and monkeys just flew outta my butt....