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posted a comment on Bullion - Young Heartache. 11 days ago
Brilliant swirling slabs of psychedelic instrumental hip hop. Both A side tracks are stunning, but it's all good.
posted a comment on Pearson Sound - Starburst EP. 17 days ago
what an ignorant comment. ukg is a huge influence on many new records.
posted a comment on The Crooklyn Dodgers* - Crooklyn. 17 days ago
everything which was great about hip hop is present here. love this joint.
posted a comment on Sub Basics - Walk & Skank / Forward. 21 days ago
I can't see why either pressing will sound different - they will be using the same metal work - so won't it be that same??? Gotta say I've heard far worse than this... I'm still happily playing it.
posted a comment on Eva808 - Exchange. 21 days ago
I think this guy should be able to express his dislike for the music - he doesn't need to be a producer or an expert on the genre to do so. I'd only say that perhaps he could add some constructive comment about what it is about Eva's productions that... See full review
posted a comment on Kemal And Rob Data* - Gene Sequence / Portal. 27 days ago
Just on the off-chance that any breaks djs are reading this, Gene sequence also sounds amazing at 33 - thank me later. Tbh, it'd probably sound heavy at any speed - total tune.
posted a comment on Sir Hiss - Danny Uzi Vert / Taj Mahal. 27 days ago
Absolute madness on both sides - but Taj Mahal... let's all go raving in the worlds most famous tombs. Who's with me?
posted a comment on Love Creation - Love Creation 004. 27 days ago
very true - I wonder if this one is a little slept on? nice bit of down-tempo acid too.
posted a comment on Jayda G & Alexa Dash - Diva Bitch Remixes. 27 days ago
Agreed, Diva Bitch (DJ Speckgürtel Remix) is a thing of beauty.
posted a comment on E. Live - Boogie For Life. 27 days ago
posted a comment on Sheila Hylton - It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub / Falling In Love. 27 days ago
thanks to everyone involved in this release - artists and label - it's a record I love dearly
posted a comment on Bogdan Raczynski - MyLoveILove. 29 days ago
That's the only track on the album I always skip - just can't get into it.
posted a comment on Charles Earland - Over And Over / Let The Music Play / Intergalactic Love Song. 29 days ago
got a new copy to sell for anyone in UK - message me.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 30 days ago
posted a comment on Hi Mount & C.K (2) - I Know. about 1 month ago
this mispress has 8 clicks during the intro of the deep dub (they really dont spoil the track, only very early in intro). the all important 'first mix' is perfect, as is the club mix. these were sold for £5 and worth every penny!
posted a comment on Elektrons (2) - The Get Up EP. about 1 month ago
spot on... its not doesn't feel as scuffed and hazy as moodymann joint but it is a wonderful jam all the same. still play it.
posted a comment on Various - DRB05. about 1 month ago
very nice pressing, sharp and clear with plenty of bass.
posted a comment on MJ Cole & Wiley (2) - From The Drop. about 1 month ago
Both artists at the top of their game on this. Buy without hesitation.
posted a comment on Double 99 - Ripgroove. about 1 month ago
Great tracks, but watch out. I've had my copy since new and there are pressing faults (lots of little bumps) on side B which cause loud pops and skips. Side A plays fine - which is prob the side your after. But it's a shame as side B is great too. May... See full review
posted a comment on Kahn (5) - Angeles. about 1 month ago
I imagine the vocals on this may be a bit much for some ears. Not mine though - I love this track. Sounds like a slowed down ukg groove, stunning in its own unique way.
posted a comment on Showbiz & A.G. - Runaway Slave. about 1 month ago
I have this one - the quality is good - and unlike some pressings it has 'Represent' which you need!
posted a comment on De-Tü - Fruitcake. about 1 month ago
cheers. fellows.
posted a comment on Various - Playaz 4 Real EP 1. about 1 month ago
'Sea of tranquility' is a completely slept on breakbeat monster - excellent breaks, samples, bassline and scratching. Doesn't sit neatly in any particular scene so I guess it sat nowhere at all. I play it loads. Well worth its current price of £0.75
posted a comment on Hate (14) - Darkcore / Injustice. about 1 month ago
It's just boomkat hyping up their own projects - something they do on the regular. This record is good though, unlike most of the overhyped shite they peddle.
posted a comment on Headhunter (9) - Physics Impulse. about 1 month ago
Great comment, and the title track is one of those that has stood the test of time well.
posted a comment on LHF - EP1: Enter In Silence.... about 1 month ago
'Blue steel' is a lovely little track, combining some of the elements of bass music that became popular during jungle's more ambient days, and sounding like it could be put out on astrophonica's (great label) gradients compilations today.
posted a comment on Hemlock Recordings. about 1 month ago
This label was amazing. Well worth checking the early releases if you don't mind straying from the obvious path.
posted a comment on LV* & Untold - Beacon. about 1 month ago
Agreed - it is experimental but still with a beautiful flow and the sounds are beaming in from another dimension. Love it.
posted a comment on Rick Wade - Late Night Basix . about 1 month ago
yeah - it sounds fine - unless you can afford to buy an OG, it does the job no problems.
posted a comment on Nu-Birth - Anytime. about 1 month ago
Dem 2 turn in a nice little stripped back groover in the 'unda business mix'.
posted a comment on Andrew Ashong - Flowers. about 1 month ago
Shame you chucked it - you also threw out 'Take it slow' a track so strong it could have been an release on it's own. As far as the A side goes, on every pressing of this release it seems to have a few issues, many of which seem sorted out by playing... See full review
posted a comment on Groove Committee - I Want You To Know . about 1 month ago
The original track is the bomb - but check out Inner Sense's remix and listen to it as new track. A very beautiful homage to the jersey house sound that works in its own right. About two-thirds through the bassline starts working hard. Groovy.
posted a comment on Moodymann - The Thief That Stole My Sad Days ... Ya Blessin' Me. about 1 month ago
Yeah this version has vocals all over side A. And also loads of vocal samples on side B. I'd say it was my favourite moodymann twelve, but I'd say this about loads of his twelves So bloody good!.
posted a comment on Daphne - Change. about 1 month ago
Contains the stuning beautiful 'theme from change'. House heaven.
posted a comment on Furthur Electronix. about 1 month ago
jeez. everyone who sells records fears selling to someone like you. enjoy your short time on this planet. stop your moaning. life will get better.
posted a comment on Mr. Reds & Kalibre - Bring The Lights Down. about 1 month ago
Not too much love in the comments here. It is a very basic track, but so many wicked tunes are. I love it - drop the A side in ukg and breakbeat sets.
posted a comment on Skanna - All You Wanted. about 1 month ago
yeah labels are wrong - mine also a little warp but nothing serious at all
posted a comment on Maddslinky - Compuphonic. about 1 month ago
Part one is a useful tool, but I prefer part deux, with all its beautiful little melodies.
posted a comment on Mr. Spliff Versus Capricorn - Rush Me. about 1 month ago
1 star for this? It's a brilliant bit of dancehall style uk garage. And the instrumental is mainly instrumental: it only has the chrous. Maadting seriously hates the vocals!
posted a comment on HNNY - about 1 month ago
You have to have a really open minded dancefloor to drop the B side.
posted a comment on Synkro (2) - Presence, Questions, Memory. about 1 month ago
Yes - it's a very special one
posted a comment on Seiji - Seiji4. about 1 month ago
'easy' sits on th ukfunky side of house music and it bangs. this whole series is slept on, so grab a bargain.
posted a comment on Agony (4) - Raua 12 EP. about 1 month ago
sold out - hope the press some more!
posted a comment on Eris - Champions League EP. about 1 month ago
thankfully this label does repress - so please give us another run of this bad boy.
posted a comment on Darkimh - Tell Me Nothin' EP . about 1 month ago
Always liked T-Man and over these beats... what are you waiting for?
posted a comment on DJ Swagger - Bassline Funkyshit. about 1 month ago
Great tracks, but this is also one of the records that is beautifully pressed and sounds incredible.
posted a comment on DJ Deller - All Sorted Flavas EP. about 1 month ago
A side coming soon on plastik people . Very nice.
posted a comment on René & Angela - I Love You More (The Mr K Edits). about 1 month ago
There are poor copies out there. Vocal side of mine wobbles a bit on vocal side and also skips. instrumental side is perfect.
posted a comment on Jeremy Sylvester - Love Fantasy. 2 months ago
New remixes sound great, but what's up with the og tracks on this record? They sound muddy as hell to my ears. Don't have og pressing so cant compare but were they really that rough? Be interested to know. I know some of Jeremy's tracks sounded a... See full review
posted a comment on Omar-S - Simply (Fuck Resident Advisor). 2 months ago
to generate a bit of hype.... ...... .