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submitted Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - BBR16Ltd. 6 months ago
submitted Owen Jay - BBR17Ltd. 6 months ago
posted a review of El Prevost - A Little Political EP. 10 months ago
Wheel is such a stunning track. Worth to buy the wax just for it. Acid Toner is also very good.
12 months ago
submitted Taelue - Reflections. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Relative* ,feat Javonntte - Close Your Eyes And Jus' Fantasize. about 1 year ago
Close Your Eyes and Jus Fantasize has to be one of the vocals of the year to what is deep house in 2019. It is also tight what to play between the original and DJ Aakmael mix, both are very high quality in similar but different ways. In all this you... See full review
posted a comment on Joe Babylon - Debut EP. about 1 year ago
Two high profile remixes here, but original Joe Babylon's are the best. All in my honest opinion. A timeless wax, and a lot more to check from the not so regarded Roundabout Sounds.
posted a comment on Relative* ,feat Javonntte - Close Your Eyes And Jus' Fantasize. about 1 year ago
Looking forward to this vinyl release. Sounds awesome, and the Aakmael remix is top drawer.
posted a comment on Westworld - Westbeat / Dreamworld. about 1 year ago
Does anyone know of a deep house record which uses the Slam Dreamworld intro, and then a female with a very seductive vocal saying I'm in exstacy . Heard DJ Ralf play in mid 1998 this and have been on the hunt for this since then.
posted a comment on Joaquin Joe Claussell* a.k.a. Mental Remedy - Agora E Seu Tempo = Now Is Your Time (7" Latin Remixes). about 1 year ago
No cracklings on mine. It is for a 7 inch a very good pressing.
posted a comment on Cool Jack - Just Come. about 1 year ago
Yes Visnadi was an under rated genius in the early nineties. IMO.
posted a comment on Danilo Plessow, Pablo Valentino, Ahmad Larnes - 10 Years MCDE Recordings Limited Vinyl. about 1 year ago
Was at Juno last Friday but sold within an hour. Maybe check if they get it back.
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posted a comment on Anthony Naples - Body Pill. about 1 year ago
There is a listing for this Album on Juno under Temporary Residence Limited US label, catalogue number TMPR 53934. Did this ever exist?
posted a comment on Kevin Kendall - Go Easy EP. about 1 year ago
Nice Deep House from Kevin Kendall, which explores various styles of the genre. Go Easy is a classic deep house number with a nice percussion groove. Second Chance has a groovy attitude to it without sounding simple. Remembering You is on the... See full review
posted a comment on Cofaxx - Pico Vu. about 1 year ago
This is worth to buy for Dicey and the Tide Pool remix alone on Side A. But then on side B you also get the Theo Parrish inspired Velvet, something eighties about it 10 Block Radius, and the mellow deep house Shape to Fade In.
posted a comment on No Smoke - International Smoke Signal. about 1 year ago
I got this Reissue Double Pack album for Oh Yes Freedom, which along with Koro Koro stands the test of time really well. Other nice tracks are International Smoke Signal, Anti Galactic Devotion, and Ai Shi Temasu. Oh Yes Freedom was never available... See full review
submitted Bjak - The Passion's Journey. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Specter - Built To Last. over 2 years ago
Thank you Specter and Theo Parrish! Three pieces of wax that make you see the positives of life.
posted a comment on Roger S.* - Secret Weapons Volume I. over 2 years ago
Have to agree with Devoted for 200% Spirit Lift You Up are worth this double pack alone.
This is when Roger Sanchez was thinking of making music and not to sell himself.
posted a comment on Jay Ka - Stay Grounded EP. over 2 years ago
One of the best records of 2015, amazingly good. Dirth Earth, Trazeet are super good good deep acid blunders. While 6 has a deep jazzy emotion to it, bit romantic and nostalgic at the same time.
posted a comment on Visnadi* - NOFutureNOPast. over 3 years ago
Paolo NOFutureNOPast, and the original Racing Tracks are gems for electronic Underground music.
I also have to add Four Journeys to your super releases this sounding like a take to the Detroit Underground Resistance catalogue.
posted a comment on Various - House Of 12. over 3 years ago
Both B side tracks, first is Melchior Sultana with Kindred Spirit, and then Dario Damerini with Ss16 are pure US inspired deep house numbers. Kindred Spirit is on the organic spiritual deep, and I think it is one of Melchior's finest releases, yep... See full review
posted a comment on Dubbyman - Deep Is Dead. over 3 years ago
Dubbyman teased this release back in May 2017.
Half a year and over of waiting and it finally arrived, and what a great master-peace LP it is. Well done Dubbyman!
Having the right amount of variety of sounds and a testament to the love Dubbyman... See full review
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posted a comment on Deymare - Talking About Your Love. over 3 years ago
Super extended player from Deymare, and possibly his best release in a very high quality catalog under his name. Tomorrow Was Yesterday is my preferred sounding very Detroit in this one, followed by Talking About That, and Your Love, these last two... See full review
posted a comment on Freestyle Orchestra - Odyssey / I'm Ready. over 3 years ago
When you enter heaven Odyssey will be playing and you see a film of your life in fast motion with the good the bad and the ugly of what you lived. Then in the end of it all you understand it was really not a big deal because now you are in heaven.... See full review
posted a comment on Miltiades - Epk.x. over 3 years ago
Please add in description or add the repress as Other Version. Thanks
submitted Various - Various Moulds: The Foundation EP. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Danny Tenaglia - Hard & Soul. over 3 years ago
I agree this album is a master peace. Should also be a lesson to one interested how to put eight tracks together how to do it. With DT going soulful, RNB, tribal, dark and underground. Production the crisp of the sounds is also beyond believe... See full review
posted a comment on JohnNick* Presents Red Hook Dreams - Your Love. over 3 years ago
Is the Kenny Dope remix on this one the Dub as on the clear colored Promo or the Original as the Power Music 1996 release?
posted a comment on Jestofunk - Say It Again. over 3 years ago
White Magnolia mix oh so good deep and funky. Yes even thirty years later it sounds good!
posted a comment on Hardrive - Deep Inside (Remix). over 3 years ago
The most deep mix of Hardrive's Deep Inside. All three mixes kill it. If you like it very deep this is better then the original, and is one of Visnadi best productions, along with his other two UMM releases; NoFutureNoPast and Racing Tracks.
posted a comment on Liquid Liquid - Optimo. over 3 years ago
All the 1983 versions are original with some being rarer then others.
posted a comment on Antonio Ocasio - Volume 3 - Fenix Fantasy. over 3 years ago
Another spiritual gem by Antonio Ocasio, my preferred being the changing direction Fenix Deep mix. If you like Joe Claussell, the more organic Blaze and MAW stuff check the catalog from Antonio Ocasio. 90% of which is on his Tribal Winds label, the... See full review
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posted a comment on Rithma - The Escape. over 3 years ago
Gotta agree with Hit45z. This OM vynil has so much goodness and quality in it. Builder, Human Inertia, and the slow-mo track The Return are five stars on there own.
posted a review of World Famous Martinez Orchestra / Claudio Coccoluto - Rushlight / Uno Nuovo. over 3 years ago
What a tune Rushlight, played endlessly by Claudio Coccoluto from 1999 till today in his most magical sets. But for those that don't know Rushlight was also one of the secret weapons of the Body and Soul NYC Sundays in between 2000 and 2002. If they... See full review
posted a review of Norm Talley - Norm-A-Lize. over 3 years ago
A quadruple (four vinyl pack) long play which goes into the various textures of Deep house from the Motor City; being it disco, jazz, soulful, or tribal influenced. Favorite Tracks; Seneca St.Gruuv and its changing end, No Need 2 B featuring a classic... See full review
posted a comment on Santiago Salazar - Chicanismo. over 3 years ago
Such a varied LP, here Santiago definitely delivers a solid double vinyl. If you like UR Detroit and nineties Carl Craig this should be in your bag. My preferred is The Farce followed by Clark Park. Five Stars!!!!*
posted a comment on Alton Miler* Feat. Amp Fiddler - When The Morning Comes. over 3 years ago
Is the Amp Fiddler and Kyle Hall mix the same as in the Unreleased Version here
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Jenifa Mayanja / Whim-Ee - Break The Rules. over 3 years ago
Hard to get but none the less two of the best tracks ever made by these two ladies of deep house!
submitted Keita Sano - Not Too Late EP. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Lady Blacktronika* - Fleeting Moments. over 3 years ago Your vinyl release here at Juno. As I said only 200 copies.
posted a review of Atjazz - That Something Else! EP. over 3 years ago
Is the Charles Webster remix of Slide It In the same as the Remixes release from 2000?
posted a review of Visnadi* - NOFutureNOPast. over 3 years ago
What an EP. Alternative different and into the future. Was so in 1991 and still is in 2017.
posted a review of Various - From Chicago To Detroit V6. over 4 years ago
Does it have four or five tracks? Juno has this advertised with four tracks (picture shows the same), without the Giles Dickerson cut.
submitted Lady Blacktronika* - Fleeting Moments. over 4 years ago