Hi and Moin,
Thank you for your virtual visit.

I'm a private collector from Hamburg / Germany and I would like to share the passion for really good music with you. In my opinion "good music" (which indeed is a very personal and subjective statement) is life spirit and that's why a huge number of very different songs became best friends in my life over the long years.

My collection contains Vinyl (33/45 r.p.m.) and some CDs, that covers all my favorite kinds of music:

Black and white Doo Wop, Soul esp. Northern & early Motown Soul, Jazz (what a universe!-), Funk, Hardrock (R.I.P. Lemmy K.), Rock'n'Roll / Rockabilly, Blues, Beat, Garage (Psychedelic) Rock, good Pop music (but only those ones, you cannot play to death, - beginning from the roaring 20’s over each single decade with it‘s own fashions, flairs and influences, esp. my own personal 80’s decade with it’s huge variety of so many different styles and grooves, ...

- take a look ?? at the list of my favorite vinyl albums of the eighties http://www.aninacollins.com/de/lists/Best-of-1980s-LPs/444153

... as well as current Pop music untill rght now), Reggae and Ska, Rap, Hip Hop and Electronic / Deep Trance, Easy Listening and - last but not least - the good old groundlaying ?Klassik“ (Beethoven, Schubert, H?ndel, Bach, Tschaikowski, ...).

My personal hero from the beginning was - of course - Elvis Presley (just listen to ?My Baby left me“,?So glad you‘re mine“ and ?Too Much“), together with Eddie Cochran, who died way too early ("Something else", "Milkcow Blues", "Nervous Breakdown"). Years later came "Mr. Mojo-Rising" Jim Morisson (listen to the jazzy Blues-Rock-fusion in their milestone tracks like ?Break on through“, ?Light my fire“ and ?L.A. woman“) and Jimi Hendrix (?Fire“, ?Crosstown traffic“, ?Voodoo chile“ & many more).

In my opinion, Doo Wop was the first wave of passionate music, beginning in the early 50s with black Rhythm’n’Blues vocal groups (lots of them with fantastic jazzy saxophone ?? breaks like The Robins and The Coasters) until the midsixties, when the British Beat invasion (I call it the resale of the black US Bluesrock origins) changed everything in professional music business.

But back to passion: If you love Doo Wop as much as I do, I invite you to visit the list of my all time Doo Wop favorites (black & white) here on discogs


— to be continued...

Currently I‘m selling some of my items (Soul, Funk, Disco, Blues, Pop, Rock, Doo Wop and some LPs of Classic / ?Klassische Musik“ ??.

Lots of these LPs and singles are quite rare and mostly in excellent to pristine condition.


Feel free to let me know your choice and please give me a little time to react properly.

Thank you very much in advance - and keep on rockin‘, jammin‘, driftin’, woppin‘ and rollin‘ ?????♀????? to the real sound of Music on Vinyl.

Cheers and best regards from HH!

P.S. International buyers are welcome! Registered shipping and Paypal is standard (incl. buyer protection and insured shipping with tracking-ID).
Recent Activity
posted a comment on Keane - Under The Iron Sea. 28 days ago
I’ve bought this LP via amazon.de. The vinyl is heavy, flat and looks perfect, but the needle skips from the beginning on both sides. I‘ve returned this LP and won’t buy this edition again.
posted a comment on Womack & Womack - Conscience. 2 months ago
Indeed a great sounding vinyl record (EU press from the year 1988).
posted a comment on John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band - Eddie & The Cruisers (Soundtrack). 3 months ago
Voice, instruments and sound like Bruce Springsteen. Great American R‘n‘R of the 1980ies.
posted a comment on Madonna - Makes The World Go Round (Rare And Unreleased Tracks). 4 months ago
I'm quite disappointed, because this LP sounds like a rotten bootleg, but on the other hand it contains great live songs from Madonna's best times. Her version of "Fever" is fantastic and worth buying this LP, which is limited to 500 copies.
posted a comment on Rhetta Hughes - Re-Light My Fire. 4 months ago
One of the best female Soul albums ever made. Her psychedelic soul version of The Doors Classic ?Light My Fire“ is outstanding.
posted a comment on Hank Ballard And The Midnighters* - Their Greatest Hits. 6 months ago
US King 541 compilation LP with the great classic Juke Box cover, issued in 1958, 2 years after the first issue on Federal. I don’t understand why the King LP is still so underrated.
posted a comment on The Del-Satins - Ballad Of A Dee-Jay / Does My Love Stand A Chance. 6 months ago
This is a rare and fabulous Doo Wop two sider record with a Ballad and an uptempo track by the harmony group that backed Dion on his solo tracks after leaving The Belmonts. The Del-Satins were never mentioned on Dion‘s records.
posted a comment on The Silhouettes - Rent Man / Your Love (Is All I Need) . 7 months ago
A fantastic Doo Wop 2-sider in classic slow ballad and uptempo rocker partition. Rent Man has parallels to the Group’s first hit Get A Job. Pretty rare but still underrated.
posted a comment on Tyrone And The Nu Ports - Feel Like A Million / On A Saturday Night. 7 months ago
Wow, what a Killer two sider. That’s what Doo Wop music is all about!
posted a comment on The Sinceres (3) - If You Should Leave Me / Please Don't Cheat On Me. 7 months ago
US edition with black Richie labels without distributor info compared to the yellow labeled single (distr. by Roulette).
posted a comment on The Tremaines (2) - Wonderful Marvelous / Heavenly. 7 months ago
"Wonderful Marvelous" is what Doo Wop is all about. The Titel of the track speaks truely for itself.
posted a comment on Judy & The Affections - Dum, Dum, De Dip / Marie, Give Him Back. 7 months ago
A fantastic and rare 2-sider, arranged by Popcorn Wylie. In my opinion one of the best Girl Group records of the 1960s ever !-)
posted a comment on Gary "U.S." Bonds* - Quarter To Three / Where Did The Naughty Girl Go?. 7 months ago
Rare US Legrand 1008 with different flip side "Where did the naughty girl go?". In my opinion one of Gary's best tracks.
posted a comment on Ronnie Dyson - (If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can't I Touch You?. 7 months ago
In my opinion one of the best cover versions of ?Fever“, unfortunately the only uptempo Northern Soul dancer on this album. Absolute fantastic and still too unknown and underrated.
posted a comment on Terry Noland - Terry Noland. 11 months ago
This is a really fine repro LP on heavy vinyl with great sound, looking like the first press on Brunswick with black labels.
posted a comment on Fabian (6). 11 months ago
Good songs (Tiger, String along), but what a weak voice. Sorry to say, but he‘s far behind lot‘s of other ?white Rockers“ like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Bobby Darin. Even soft Singers like Ricky Nelson, Pat Boone or Dion are rocking... See full review
posted a comment on The O'Jays - Comin' Through. 11 months ago
Great stereo sound on this US LP. It's a must have in the collection of every (Northern) Soul fan!
posted a comment on Darrell Banks - Darrell Banks Is Here!. 11 months ago
This very rare German stereo edition came out in 1967 (Atco 33-216, ST-C-671017-A /-B) together with a cover printed in the USA.
What a marvelous Northern Soul album !!!
posted a comment on Shirley Ellis - Sugar, Let's Shing-A-Ling / Soul Time With Shirley Ellis. about 1 year ago
Superb Soul album of the former ?Nitty Gritty Girl, who turned into a Soul Diva, - just listen to the Northern Soul floorfiller ?Soul Time“!
posted a comment on Jackie Wilson & Count Basie - Manufacturers Of Soul. about 1 year ago
In my opinion the best cover version of ?For Your Precious Love“ ever made. Listen to Jackie’s amazing and overwhelming soulish vocal workout.
posted a comment on The Soul Surfers (2) - Tribute To J.B.'S. about 1 year ago
This really gives a clue about giving up food for funk! Very helpful, thank you!-)
posted a comment on Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind. about 1 year ago
There is also a German stereo pressing on Atlantic.
On cover: Stereo DAKAR SD 9005, ? 1969 Atlantic Recording Corporation.
On red/plum labels: ST-CTN-681 526 - STEREO - A Dakar Master GEMA P. 1969. SD 9005.
posted a comment on The Clash - The Clash. about 1 year ago
This is the Promotion 7" Single ("Gates Of The West", "Groovy Times") Epic AE7 1178 (1979), which belongs to the LP "The Clash" (JE 36060).

See the US LPs
here http://www.aninacollins.com/de/The-Clash-The-Clash/release/1399546
and here... See full review
posted a comment on Jimmy Ruffin - Give You All The Love I've Got. about 1 year ago
What a terrific and underrated record!
20 have this one - and only 4 want it? I really can't believe that.
Just listen to the B-side “Get on up“. In my opinion it's the most funkiest Soul track Jimmy Ruffin has ever done - very close to Curtis... See full review
posted a comment on Danzig - Danzig. about 1 year ago
Listening to ?She rides“ let me imagine the reincarnation of the dark side of Jim Morrison from the Doors. Great performance!

But there seems to be as well an acustic influence by the 1987th album ?Electric“ from the Cult. Coincidence? I guess not!
posted a comment on Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.. about 1 year ago
Definitely one of the best Rock albums on Top of the eighties Pop charts. I‘ve got the UK ???? vinyl LP in my collection, sounds great ??
posted a comment on Arthur And The Corvets - I Believe / Miracles. about 1 year ago
This is Arthur Conley, famous for his ?Sweet Soul Music‘, who was discovered and built up by the late great Otis Redding. Those Doo Wops with Soul rules forever !-)
posted a comment on The Aqua-Nites - Carioca / Lover Don't You Weep. about 1 year ago
Lover Don't You Weep - is a killer ballad. Don‘t miss listening to it!
posted a comment on Ray Peterson - Missing You / You Thrill Me. about 1 year ago
I confirm this statement. ?You Thrill Me‘ is an absolute great midtempo Teenage/Doowop crossover. It reminds me of ?Bless you‘ by Tony Orlando from the same year (1961).
posted a comment on Chubby Checker - Lovely, Lovely (Loverly, Loverly). about 1 year ago
I prefer listen to the B-Side ?The weekend“s here“. This early Northern Soul dancefloor filler by ?Mr. Twist“ came out in the same year of Dobie Gray‘s ?The in crowd“ (1964).
posted a comment on Kula Shaker - K. about 1 year ago
I bought this LP (ltd. UK 1st. press, 1996) yesterday and I‘m really happy about it. Great Brit Pop in Oasis Style with amazing sound!
posted a comment on The Doors - The Doors. about 1 year ago
Track one ?Break on through“ on this CD contains the full and uncensored voice of Jim Morrison, singing ?She get high“. Great!
added Phil Collins - ...But Seriously to their collection. over 2 years ago
submitted Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Expresso Bongo. over 4 years ago
submitted Big Bopper - Little Red Riding Hood / Big Bopper's Wedding. over 4 years ago
submitted Shirley Matthews & The Big Town Girls* - Private Property / Wise Guys. over 4 years ago
submitted Shirley Matthews And The Big Town Girls - Private Property/ Wise Guys. over 4 years ago
submitted Earl (Connelly) King* - Time Will Tell / Here I Stand. over 4 years ago
submitted The Revolvers (8) - The Pounding Of My Heart / Walking My Baby Back Home. over 4 years ago
submitted Johnny (Mr. Bassman) Cymbal* - Little Miss Lonely / Connie . over 4 years ago
submitted The Silhouettes - Rent Man / Your Love (Is All I Need) . over 4 years ago
submitted The Passions (2) - (Walking Down That) Lonely Road. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Compatible Stereophonic Demonstration Record. over 4 years ago
Are your socks on the photo included in your offer?
submitted The Crystalairs - Elevator Of Love / Tokyo Girl. over 4 years ago
submitted The Crystalairs - Straight Into The Jungle. over 4 years ago
submitted Dion & The Belmonts - A Teenager In Love / I Wonder Why . over 4 years ago
submitted Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers - Sleep All Day, Shake All Night / Rockin' At 47. over 4 years ago
submitted The Demolyrs - Rain / Hey Little Rosie. over 4 years ago
submitted The Penguins - The Cool, Cool Penguins. over 4 years ago
submitted Freddy Cannon - Steps Out. over 4 years ago