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posted a comment on Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight. 2 months ago
Has anyone compared the CD to the Vinyl yet?? I know even as recently as C&G the vinyl definitely sounded better, so its a safe assumption this would be the same, however you'd think by now we would have left the loudness war behind wouldn't... See full review
posted a comment on AC/DC - Back In Black. 3 months ago
Are all the 1980 Atlantic US pressings of this album using the RL master?? Or do you have to get this specific promo version to have his cut? I assume they all used the same plates from his cut?
posted a review of Fleetwood Mac - Rumours. 3 months ago
Mine is shipped from USA and did have the same Hype sticker as images here, it does say Made in US on the back and no mention of Germany anywhere I've seen but it does have "KPG&SH@ATM" in the dead wax. I don't have other pressings for comparison but... See full review
posted a comment on Michael Jackson - Off The Wall. 6 months ago
This is a bit noisy in places, but I imagine that is to be expected from an old pressing, other than that it sounds fantastic, I would say it doesn't sound quite as good as my random Thriller pressing from the 80s (haven't been able to figure out... See full review