Im a collector, but im pretty picky and usually only grab records i enjoy. Mostly indie rock, experimental, psychedelic, etc.... Rarely do I ever have anything for sale, but feel free to look through my collection and hit me up if anything catches your eye :)

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Nap Eyes - Whine Of The Mystic
posted a comment on Nap Eyes - Whine Of The Mystic. about 1 year ago
"No Fear of Hellfire" is seriously one of the best songs ever written. And I mean that without any exaggeration. If it weren't for that song, I probably wouldn't have gone on to discover just how good of a band Nap Eyes can be. Discovered them through... See full review
Nap Eyes - I'm Bad Now
posted a comment on Nap Eyes - I'm Bad Now. about 1 year ago
Sucks that "Boats Appear" doesn't appear on the vinyl version, but another awesome album by Nap Eyes nonetheless :) My version sounds great and plays great, as does every vinyl album I have of Nap Eyes'. I imagine it helps that their recordings are... See full review