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posted a comment on Tyler, The Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy. over 2 years ago
I have a mint copy IGOR on green vinyl that I’d be willing to trade for a yellow copy of Flower Boy
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posted a comment on Beach House - Bloom. over 2 years ago
I literally had a copy in my cart, and they were sold out before I could get complete my order :(
posted a comment on Holly Herndon - Proto. over 3 years ago
Holly Herndon and Matt Dryhurst literally developed and taught a machine-learning software to perform live vocal processing. How does this record have anything to do with that?
posted a review of Fort Vine - Stay Magical. over 3 years ago
Sounds fantastic, looks beautiful. I’m definitely looking forward to TMR-2!
posted a comment on Midori Takada & Lafawndah - Le Renard Bleu. over 3 years ago
Record labels often reserve extra copies that are strictly designated for replacements.
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posted a comment on Thunderpussy (4) - Thunderpussy. over 3 years ago
This record sounds so clean! I really hope this record gets Thunderpussy the recognition they deserve!
posted a comment on MF Doom - MM..Food. over 3 years ago
Black vinyl is literally just white vinyl w/ carbon black mixed in. It makes no sense that white vinyl just innately sounds worse.
posted a comment on milo (34) - Things That Happen At Day // Things That Happen At Night. over 3 years ago
Somebody included pictures of the recent vinyl repress of this release despite this being the listing for the first issue of the cassette. I'm too lazy to fix it, but I figured I should point that out.
posted a comment on Alt-J - An Awesome Wave. over 3 years ago
All the vinyl editions of this record have this alternate artwork. I think the normal zoomed-out artwork looks better IMO.
posted a comment on DoNormaal - Third Daughter. over 4 years ago
She just pressed this to vinyl! I think you can get one if u hit her up on Twitter.
posted a comment on JPEGMAFIA - Veteran. over 4 years ago
This pressing definitely should have been a double LP. I believe this record is nearly 50 minutes long, so it's no surprise that the grooves are crammed together so closely.
posted a comment on Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel / Pop 2 . over 4 years ago
Mine sounds fine. I think you may have just received an unfortunately bad copy. Maybe you should consider trying to get a replacement copy from wherever you ordered it, or at least a refund.
posted a comment on Nas With National Symphony Orchestra - Illmatic (Live From The Kennedy Center). over 4 years ago
Mine has a huge scratch on the B side that makes an awful popping sound with every turn of the record. It takes up about half of "The World is Yours." I emailed Mass Appeal to see if they could send out a replacement of the first record.
posted a comment on Ibeyi - Ash. over 4 years ago
I just got my response email, and the guy who got back to me wasn't too kind about it. I've never had an experience like this with any of the labels associated with Beggar's Group. I'm S H O O K.
posted a comment on Ibeyi - Ash. over 4 years ago
I received the black version, too, despite having pre-ordered it nearly a month in advance. I emailed Beggar's Group, their conglomerate distributer, to try and see why I didn't receive what I ordered.
posted a comment on Iglooghost - Neō Wax Bloom. over 4 years ago
Mine does, too. Good catch! I would have never noticed that.
submitted Clarence Clarity - SAME EP. over 5 years ago