You're south of somewhere but east of the burning sun. You have been following the distant throb of bass frequencies for days it seems. Cresting a final dune, it rises before you as all goes silent, you've reached AREKIVE. Now you are the programmer, sifting through the sounds of time, designing your next mood, nurturing your rave instinct as you contemplate a life inside the pyramid.

When the 20th century was taking it's final breath, there existed a vast, planet-wide network for inception, production and distribution of physical manifestations of musical communication. Humans took for granted the endless choice and variety before them. Pre-millennial tension and an unwillingness to acknowledge the existential threats to humanity weakened an already undernourished psyche. The cyber implosion at the dawn of the new century decimated an entire industry, disrupted a hundred year continuum and laid bare the inadequacies of a depleted attention span. Archeologists working in the Let It Be excavation site, (the last known, most admired, freestanding, surface level vinyl trove. The proprietor of which was an early, well known cell transmission "jammer") were astonished when a tectonic shift revealed another underworld. Hidden was an ancient, central distribution pyramid, crumbling and buried, but still accessible to pyramidologists. Chamber after chamber of mummified vinyl artifacts, unopened for over 15 years constitute Arekive's selection. That means new, uncirculated stock. Some storage issues such as warping have been encountered. The terminology Mild, Moderate, and Severe have been applied to these artifacts. Only the most desirable artifacts will be offered under Moderate and Severe. No Mild warps shall inhibit DJ functioning. Arekive ships artifacts safely and securely 5 days a week.

On a never ending quest for diversified knowledge, these pioneers came to the conclusion that the pyramid is an instrument of initiation with energy fields generated contributing to an elevated consciousness. Arekive wants you to incorporate the knowledge of the ancients as well as the prophecies of future centuries knowing you are poised in a history that is ever present.
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submitted AutoClub - AutoClub EP. 22 days ago
posted a comment on Last Tango - City Lights. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Bobby O* / 1-2-3* - Runway Girl. 8 months ago
Conclusion 4 Big Beat At 105 Bpm is an incredible, must hear collision of Art Of Noise-"Beat Box" & P.S.B. -"West End Girls".
posted a comment on Wuleeks - Live From Death Row EP. 9 months ago
5 (+ snippets) dark, jazzy, cinematic head nodders form former Minneapolis resident. Do yourself a favor.
posted a comment on Millsart - Every Dog Has Its Day. 9 months ago
The "Every Dog" I have probably played the most. Showcases Mills' depth beyond the club. Moments of jazz and soul wrapped in icy Detroit future scapes. My favorite Mills? Possibly. Fun fact, these 2X12"'s all end with the same track.
posted a comment on Sequencial - The Big Cahoona. 9 months ago
("Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" + "Chill Out") X "Accelerator" = this C.D. How did I miss this? Don't know. Am I glad I found it? Oh Yeah! Get one!!
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