Paul Gilbert ‎– Works Vol. 1

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WHD Entertainment, Inc. ‎– IECP-10272/276
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Compilation
Box Set, Compilation
26 Mar 2014
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal


Flying Dog (1998)
1-1 Get It
1-2 Girl Crazy
1-3 By My Wife
1-4 Mr. Skin
1-5 Beautiful Girls Are Insane
1-6 Midnight Maryanne
1-7 Heavy Disco Trip
1-8 Kate Is A Star
1-9 Down To Mexico
1-10 Tell The Truth
1-11 Wrong Man
1-12 Gilberto Concerto
Beehive Live (1999)
2-1 Heavy Disco Trip
2-2 By My Wife
2-3 Get It
2-4 Mr. Skin
2-5 Down To Mexico
2-6 Girls Who Can Read Your Mind
2-7 Tell The Truth
2-8 Bumblebee
2-9 Million Dollar Smile
2-10 Hold Her Tight
2-11 I'm Just In Love
2-12 Red Rooster
2-13 To Be With You
2-14 Karn Evil 9
Alligator Farm (2000)
3-1 Better Chords
3-2 Individually Twisted
3-3 Cut, Cut, Cut
3-4 Alligator Farm
3-5 Attitude Boy Will Overcome
3-6 2 Become 1
3-7 Lancelot Link
3-8 Rosalinda Told Me
3-9 Let The Comupter Decide
3-10 Koto Girl
3-11 Dreamed Victoria
3-12 Six Billion People
3-13 The Ballad Of The Last Lions
3-14 Whole Lotta Sonata
Raw Blues Power (2002)
4-1 Girls Watching
4-2 A 180
4-3 Pacific Coast Highway
4-4 Good Foot
4-5 12 Days Of The Blues
4-6 Freedom
4-7 Stranded
4-8 Play Guitar
4-9 Sookie Sookie
4-10 Blues Power
Demo & Outtakes
5-1 Day Tripper
5-2 Oh Caroline
5-3 Kate Is A Star -Demo Version
5-4 As I Am -Demo Version
5-5 Ten Fingers
5-6 Burn Your Diary
5-7 Let The Computer Decide -Demo Version
5-8 Rosalinda Told Me -Demo Version
5-9 Individually Twisted -Demo Version
5-10 Three Laughing Girls
5-11 Masa Ito Theme #2
5-12 Keep On Keepin’ On -Demo Version
5-13 I Am Satan-Demo Version
5-14 Friday Night (Say Yeah!) -Demo Version
5-15 I Like Rock -Demo Version
5-16 That Could Be True
5-17 We Could Be Like The Rabbits
5-18 I Put My Jacket On
5-19 Mario’s Peruvian Seafood Restaurant

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