Pink Floyd - Animals jara.ignacio87

January 17, 2021
edited about 1 month ago

I own this and i had the chance to listen 1977 us first pressing vs this one, the original sounds a little bit clear but the keyboards and the rest of instruments sounds better on this one, also the us ex pressing was expensive, the récord shop was selling that shit at museum price (100 usd vs 30 usd), there was no need to go for first pressing, great remastered versión, go for it unless you want to collect some classic pressings

Pink Floyd - Animals Fadedsun

January 6, 2021
edited about 1 month ago
Grabbed a copy from my local shop. No complaints. It's clean, flat and sounds great. The drums are especially powerful. I have no reference point to other versions of this - it's really my first time hearing it in this way. It does have a sort of 'digital' quality to it that I can't quite put my finger on.

I can understand the complaints on the changed art direction compared to the original. This jacket has it looking much cleaner, and modern. I prefer the original art direction.

Pink Floyd - Animals zdkaiser

December 25, 2020
Have had 3 copies of this. All had warps. Disappointing. Otherwise sounds great.

Pink Floyd - Animals mark.viviani27

October 19, 2020
My copy has a clicking during the start of animals then it sounds ok

Pink Floyd - Animals as reviewed by RMlegshaver

August 19, 2020

I think all these 2016 re-masters sound great and Animals is no exception. Big soundstage, dynamic and flat pressing. No complaints.

Pink Floyd - Animals phobixm1

August 7, 2020
edited 7 months ago
My copy is terrible, static even after cleaning, and slight warp. Absolutely unacceptable for brand new factory sealed vinyl. It seems there are positive and negative reviews. My 1973 Dark side of the moon VG+ sounds better than this. I would be leary as this manufacturer clearly has a dubious quality assurance process

Pink Floyd - Animals as reviewed by funkynial

May 26, 2020

Fantastic! Clean, flat and flawless pressing. Dynamic with a nice sound stage. It has a full, warm, rich and expansive sound. This one was done right!

Pink Floyd - Animals ktwebb68

November 18, 2019

Super clean. I use it as a reference album with "Kind of Blue" to see what my components are capable of. Fantastic pressing of a fantastic album.

Pink Floyd - Animals as reviewed by kalontx

July 27, 2019
I don’t have anything to compare this to, but this pressing sounds fantastic to my ears. Very quiet, punchy bass and sounds full!

Pink Floyd - Animals mcphranklee

February 13, 2019
Major rice krispies on my copy of this (from MusicDirect), particularly A1 and B1. Anybody else?

Pink Floyd - Animals JZGrecords

December 5, 2018
Here is a link to the vinyl reviews vinyl quality review of this specific pressing: https://vinylreviews.com/album/animals/

Pink Floyd - Animals as reviewed by cdavis2004

February 17, 2018

I cant believe the sound difference between this one and the original. Its presence is stronger, brighter, more beefy and deep and definitely more cowbell. I may get a second copy of this before its too hard to find.

Pink Floyd - Animals jefferyuniverse

December 29, 2017
My copy is slightly warped but not enough to impact the sound quality noticeably. The remaster is brilliant. It's dynamic and vivid. It's a great experience overall. I just wish the LP wasn't warped.

Pink Floyd - Animals pearljam1981

January 16, 2018

Same mine is warped as well, very disappointed. When you buy something new you expect it to come out of the plastic wrap in mint shape, not the case with many of these recent re-releases.

Pink Floyd - Animals StoneDeadForever

November 8, 2017
Sounds great! My copy has the label for side 1 on both sides of the disk, guess I have a collectors item. Special thanks to my wife for the surprise present.

Pink Floyd - Animals culpn8r

October 9, 2017
This pressing is unbelievable; great soundstage and dynamic range. A+ remaster.

Pink Floyd - Animals Martin_Technics

October 6, 2017
edited over 3 years ago

Just bought my new copy and listened to it. The record shows a moderate warp and side B is a little off-center. There are some hairlines in the A1 and B1 zone and some dimples! I am not impressed at all. There are few crackles and pop but almost no surface noise. Other reviewers are totally right about the cover being inferior to the original (at least my canadian copy). Four stars for the music, the album and the price I paid (20$CAD).

Pink Floyd - Animals as reviewed by Jiffy-Squid

August 28, 2017
Excellent remaster. The original always had a dark, almost muddy sound, which suited the music. This version maintains the dark, bass-heavy vibe while opening things up considerably. Mason's heavy bass drumming on Dogs is deeper and stands out in the mix in ways I hadn't noticed before. And for those who want more cowbell, Pigs has never sounded so good! :o) The cover art is another story though. Where the original was dark and sinister, like some 1940s industrial nightmare, this one has been digitally brightened, which I think loses some of the aesthetic they were originally going for. The B&W photos on the inner gatefold are even worse. They are pretty gray on the original, so it was obviously tempting to turn up the contrast. But they did it stupidly, to the point where entire sections of the photo turn black.

Pink Floyd - Animals as reviewed by Anon64bit

July 24, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
Got mine awhile ago. Had a horrible problem of skipping forward towards the beginning of pigs, and ended up getting mad and holding down the needle and scratching the crap out of it just to make it play without skipping.
Misprint on Dogs lyric where it says "Who Was Given a Seat in the Stand" instead of the proper lyric "Who Was Given a Pat on the Back". This is the lyric from an early version of the song, what the heck? Was Roger not thinking properly..?

Pink Floyd - Animals rushadd

September 3, 2017
Actually, Dogs used to be called "You've Got to be Crazy", and had a lot more lyrics than what it has now. It was cut down, but obviously they forgot to edit that part out. So it definitely isn't a misprint.

Pink Floyd - Animals TrueGroove

July 19, 2017
This is a great pressing. Clean, quiet, dynamic with an incredible soundstage. This is on par with some of my Pallas pressed records, maybe better. I need to grab some of their other 2016 reissues.

Pink Floyd - Animals star5CR34M

July 9, 2017
I bought this mostly because there's never been an audiophile (MOFI or Half-Speed) press of Animals, with the possible exception of that crazy expensive First XI box set. Come on MOFI, give me an Animals press. I agree with the others that the cover coloring is a travesty, though.

Pink Floyd - Animals burketop

March 22, 2018
Don't care for 1/2 speed but would love to see an all analogue release of Animals from MOFI or Analogue Productions, at least while the master tapes are still likely usable. Shame with Bernie involved they didn't cut these directly from the tapes.

Pink Floyd - Animals DeadwaxDude

June 23, 2017

As expected, excellent sound for any price. Just like the rest of the Floyd reissue series, this is the best way for someone to get into these albums on vinyl, without busting the bank for NM originals.

Pink Floyd - Animals Marcsvinyl

April 17, 2017

I consider these to be the best issue of the LP; the vinyl is heavy, quiet and flat. The SQ is best ive heard.
The packaging is also excellent and the printing is excellent.
I recommend these highly!
For clarity I've only purchased Meddle, Dark Side & Animals. So I can't speak to the others.