Mr. GConectionz EP

Label:Phoenix G. – PG054B
Vinyl, 12", EP
Style:House, Techno, Breaks


A1You In Or You Out (Sims Jacker Edit)
Edited BySims*
B1You In Or You Out?
B2Bring It!


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    Mr G seems to be trail blazing all day long as far as the year 2016 is concerned. An estimate of one new record out per calendar month, and we still have a few weeks left before we leap into 2017...
    For the fifty fourth release on his own in-house label, Phoenix G, we are in for a ride. Without further ado, things are kicked off by a remix from another UK techno goliath - Ben Sims. Relentless beats, beefed up bass lines, build up after build up saturated with reverb. As if it was not enough, the track introduces some of the sickest claps heard in a while. Those ought to get the crowds crazy. Incendiary level is easily a hundred, on a scale from one to zero.

    You In Or You Out? (the original) brings us back to the more familiar - and oh so beloved - Mr G sphere. Keeping things on an obvious deep house tip, the mood is complemented to perection as some deadly piano licks get tossed into the equation slightly after the two minute mark. Further on, a new stage of tension is reached as supplementary hisses rise to prominence out of nowhere, and from that point onwards, it's a deep house extravaganza, punctuated by heavy sub bass response.
    If that still doesn't convince you, just pay attention to the repetitive vocal going: "live your life the way you wanna be free", and you'll be involuntarily tapping with whatever it is that suits you better. A late night gem for the house digging crowds.

    [b]Bring It![b] brings down the curtain in a fairly irregular manner, for G's standards that is. He drops a no-nonsense old school breakbeat number, with overwhelming sub sections, euphoric vocals advising to "Bring it!", some radar bleeps about two and a half minutes down, and to top it all off, towards that tune's last third, a vintage rave hook line descends from the pearly gates pulling the plug on things in the best way imaginable.

    Overall, this is an adventurous little 12". Not only do you get three totally different tracks, genre wise, but it's the quality that each of them posseses on their own merit which is worth of admiration. You have a cut to bang it out to the kids to, you get your deepness for the ones lost in the haze, and you end things on a high note: a proper throw back to the roots. Really am appreciating this one. Whatever you chose to play out, it's all top dollar material.


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