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Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland TRingomac

October 1, 2022

The music here is truly remarkable. The first disk is especially good as they had better recording equipment and it captures Sonny at his peak…live…you can hear the cigarette smoke swirling around the notes of his extraordinary sax.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland mitchw

March 8, 2022

For the studio recordings, this is a stunning work and worth it to own just for that. The live recordings are great too, but there’s a noticeable difference in sound quality.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland ahourfar

January 30, 2022

It maybe historically important for hardcore Sonny Rollins fans to have this album. I do not rate the music but the audio quality is terrible. The first LP has too much reverb. The 2nd and 3rd LP sound like AM radio or recordings from 1920s!

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland as reviewed by Succotash_Records

October 1, 2021
Ok, the audio can be a bit patchy.
But when you factor in the fantastic performances, fascinating reading material, and beautiful photos - this is a thoroughly enjoyable package and a significant historical document.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland joostwouters

January 14, 2021

First of, before buying it please read the story how it got together and how/why recordings sound as they do. The studio part stand apart of course versus the hard found (legendary) bootleg which is not sounding the best, but that makes sense after 60 years I think. It came from tapes, guys. C’mon.

The studio recording is amazing, clean, crisp and en band members whom not have played together before sound like they did. The bootleg is an amazing performance, especially knowing how this/they all came together and really sparked the audience that night. Yeah, sound quality is not that great, but they did everything they could with the recording that was given. Sometimes, it’s not the amazing sound depth/placement etc. that takes you away whilst listening. But it’s the story, the magic, the spark between the trio.

This is a treasure put together by sheer will, perseverance and drive with consent of Mr. Rollins himself. A little too pricey it seems, but pressing, booklet, effort, time and that ‘something special’ make it worth the penny.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland as reviewed by machs1

January 12, 2021
Just picked this one up. The sound is amazing. No warp or quality issues on mine. Has all 3 records (all different,no doubles of the same one). Was happy to find one so long after rsd black friday still in stock. Amazing sounding pressing would highly recommend!

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland as reviewed by malagacoolers

December 2, 2020
Just finished listening to all 3 LPs. Firstly, I really, really, REALLY loved the music on this thing. Like ALL of it. Rollins sounds incredible and so does Bennick! With that said, sound quality wise, nothing sounds as good as the first LP, side A and B. Side E and F are definitely the "worst" sounding. I had no issues with warped discs or missing LPs. Side F had some pops and ticks, but nothing too distracting. Is this overpriced? My honest answer is probably, but I don't have any regrets and I'm happy to have this in my collection. I honestly didn't mind the varying of sound quality.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland as reviewed by MarcovS

December 2, 2020
I have no issues with missing LP's mine does go from side A all the way to side F. However: sticker on front saying: Premium Vinyl Pressing HQ-180 RTI, and it can be read that this is all mastered by Kevin Gray, so that does hint on some expectations.
I dont know where the QC was when my LP 1 and 3 came from the production line, but they are significantly warped, and since LP 2 is flat, I can only conclude from that, that LP 1 and 3 where already warped before they ended up in the sleeves... None the less still playable, and yes the studio recording on side A is definitely a great quality recording, but sets you back to bad AM broadcasts for the remaining side B through F (side F should have better be side A and vice versa). The Album itself does have a very nice 24 page insert and the album in total, is a very nice document, but I am VERY disappointed by the RTI pressing, also knowing that MoFi does their pressing at RTI, so they do know how to press a flat record (and its showing off now: all none MoFi RTI albums I have, there is always some issue with them) 65 euro's in NL, I would have at least expected better production quality...

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland Slowrey

November 29, 2020
Wow my copy has 2 disc 3s and is missing disc 1. You would think for $90 they would get their shit straight.
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Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland Harrison_Bergeron

November 30, 2020
It retails for $65. If you paid $90, you got ripped off.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland Chilinist

November 28, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
This is a real treat, from the performances (always love hearing Rollins in a trio, and Bennink is on fire throughout) to the in-depth notes and packaging. Yes, there are audience-sourced recordings in this collection, which naturally do not sound quite as crisp as the studio sessions (a little boxy, but well-balanced, with no trouble hearing all three players). If you're an audiophile, you'll be unhappy. If you're a jazz fan, you'll be in seventh heaven.
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Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland williamwonker

November 29, 2020
Yes, indeed - which is why I’m just as content listening to this once it’s on Spotify as the sound is compromised to the point that who really cares if you’re listening to a more compressed version. I’ll save my cash for more worthy releases.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland zimmer79

November 28, 2020
edited over 2 years ago

i cannot agree more. Imo this is about the music, not only about how it's "supposed" to sound :-)

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland ricksmusic452

November 27, 2020
My copy has all 6 properly sequenced sides. So far sides 1 and 2 are excellent.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland alrose312

November 27, 2020
edited over 2 years ago
Listening to side 1 and it sounds beautiful. I’ll check back in when I hear discs 2 and 3...but I don’t expect that they’ll sound as good because one is a bootleg and the other is a live TV recording. Very happy with this release; although it was a bit pricey.
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Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland Remym

November 27, 2020
Haven't listened yet but mastered by Kevin Gray, 180 gram, 65 euro's, You might expect some great sounding record.

Sonny Rollins - Rollins In Holland alrose312

November 27, 2020
Ok, now listening to disc two, which is the newly discovered “bootleg”. I wouldn’t describe the sound as being bad...I think it has an authentic feel to it. Those expecting an audiophile experience with this disc are kinda missing the point.