Gorillaz - D-Sides macmania22

April 11, 2021
I know most of y'all stop listening after side C but PLEASE listen to the DFA Dare remix. Shit goes HARD.

Gorillaz - D-Sides black_book

April 5, 2021

I love this compilation since 2007 but I hate the packaging for this edition, looks badly designed with the first logo and no Demon Days font (Century Gothic).

Gorillaz - D-Sides jmes.c

February 17, 2021

absolutely awesome record, their [gorillaz] only triple lp record. obviously this drives the price up, but i believe it’s worth it. sadly the inner sleeves are just white, which is the only drawback, but there are so many underrated songs on this album it’s unbelievable. very highly recommended!!

Gorillaz - D-Sides as reviewed by lucianomar

February 12, 2021

Even tho I knew about it, still quite underwhelming that inner sleeves are plain white, it would've been better if it had at least some of the CD booklet artwork. Even the The Fall RSD reissue from a couple of years ago has it, can't wrap my head around this one being the exception.

Gorillaz - D-Sides santixchacin

January 19, 2021
i am looking to buy a copy of the gatefold jacket, no vinyl records, just the jacket. hmu if you have one for sale pls

Gorillaz - D-Sides ubbo42

October 9, 2020
bought this monster for the dfa remix...had it on digital and play it all the have it on record is a treat

Gorillaz - D-Sides Mr_Rob88

September 23, 2020
Has anyone else had any problems with it skipping? I’ve had 2 copies so far and both have skipped on the Dare remixes on sides D & F. The rest of the album plays perfectly fine

Gorillaz - D-Sides arrows42

September 21, 2020
Not the best collection of songs, but "We Are Happy Landfill" is one of the best Gorillaz songs I've ever heard. The sound is clear.

Gorillaz - D-Sides as reviewed by Barf_LoneStarr

September 16, 2020

I was eager to revisit this on vinyl since I was in high school when it first came out on CD. Back then I adored it. For me, it really hasn't held up quite as well as I'd hoped. Listening to this again with the more refined musical sensibilities I didn't have as a teenager has made it pretty obvious why so much of this was cut. If you try to squeeze any of these tracks into the Demon Days lineup, they just don't fit anywhere. Not that it's all necessarily bad, but some of it does tend to clash aesthetically with Demon Days. Most of the music is interesting enough to justify the album's existence but there are a couple of stinkers that are really just not worth anyone's time aside from novel purposes.

As one would expect with a B-sides compilation, most of the album lacks the level of polish and production of DD. Not a of lot this music is especially worth revisiting. "People" is basically just a terrible, droning, castrated early version of "Dare" without a hook. "Rockit" is very clearly unfinished based on its "lyrics". You can hear its potential but there's obviously something missing, and most of these tracks are like that. "68 State" is good but also clearly unfinished as it lacks lyrics altogether, and Gorillaz aren't really in the habit of releasing instrumental tracks. This was obviously meant to have lyrics, but they likely just didn't think it fit with the rest of the album so they didn't bother writing any. "Hong Kong" is great but it's almost twice as long as any other track from DD, so I can see why it was dropped. A seven minute track in the middle of an album comprised mostly of three and four minute tracks would likely hinder its flow regardless of where you put it.

Basically all of the remixes are disposable, save for maybe Jamie T's Turn to Monsters Mix, which is about the only one that does anything unique or original enough to be interesting. I highly doubt I will ever give the third disc another spin. Even though it's a little rough around the edges, D-sides serves as a great reminder of how perfect an album Demon Days is. There's some really good music here, but a lot of it feels unfinished. However, knowing a track like "Stop the Dams" wasn't good enough for them has given me a greater appreciation for how much care and consideration went into the composition, track selection, and arrangement of Demon Days.

Gorillaz - D-Sides as reviewed by ButterBee

September 13, 2020
So glad my favorite Gorillaz album got pressed to vinyl. This album, despite being b-sides, is full of incredible songs. Specifically for the vinyl version, Hong Kong sounds especially haunting, more so than usual. Spitting Out The Demons also sounds incredible on vinyl, and so does all the other songs. Murdoc Is God sounds a bit quieter than the rests, but maybe it's just because it wants to be played loudly. Overall, it's a fantastic album. If you're a fan of moody, grungy (and slightly drunken in a few cases) then I highly recommend this album.

The remixes are pretty good too, although I've never been too into remixes. My favorites are Jamie T. Turns To Monsters and Dare Junior Sanchez, but the rest are pretty good, too.

Gorillaz - D-Sides as reviewed by babosa_nova

September 8, 2020
edited 7 months ago

Finally on wax! But I have to say this edition shows the worst design, Gorillaz' phase one logo print in the side? I think it doesn't looks like the original CD or even the cassette versions! Number of copies are just marketing...

Gorillaz - D-Sides levitz

August 31, 2020
Very nice and sturdy outer sleeve; hate that paper sleeves were used for the vinyl considering the cost for this 3 LP release. In my experience, it plays quietly. I didn't care much for the remixes, but it's nice to have them on wax I guess. I would have paid the same amount if it was a 2 LP (just A/B and C/D) release with better sleeves.

Gorillaz - D-Sides Chasing_Shadows

September 2, 2020

I think what he meant by 2 LP was that he could have done without the remixes, not spreading the full tracklist over 2 LP.

Gorillaz - D-Sides My_Name_Is_Mud

September 1, 2020

Very nice and sturdy outer sleeve; hate that paper sleeves were used for the vinyl considering the cost for this 3 LP release. In my experience, it plays quietly. I didn't care much for the remixes, but it's nice to have them on wax I guess. I would have paid the same amount if it was a 2 LP (just A/B and C/D) release with better sleeves.

Ah no, I'm glad they stretched it to three discs, myself. It's just shy of 2 hours in length, so I'm surprised that they didn't stretch it to 4 records, quite frankly. ??

Gorillaz - D-Sides

August 29, 2020
Has anyone noticed that F2 is not labelled in red in the additional credits like the other tracks? DIRTY HARRY is written in caps between F1 and F3 but without the track number.

Gorillaz - D-Sides macmania22

August 30, 2020
well i have now, seems like a pretty minor misprint though

Gorillaz - D-Sides ealdorman

August 29, 2020

According to the rough trade website this had an issue of 2000 only the American RSD site state 15000

Gorillaz - D-Sides macmania22

August 30, 2020
Probably limited to 2k in the UK which makes no sense to me

Gorillaz - D-Sides as reviewed by ianrlalis34

August 29, 2020

I love this record and I am so happy the album finally got a pressing on vinyl. The sound quality is phenomenal and I recommend it for any Gorillaz fan.

Gorillaz - D-Sides atvinyl

September 12, 2020

Yes the sound is phenomenal. I don’t care about anything else. I won’t even mind if it came without packaging. When you play it, woohooooooo wow