Zorg (12) - Eclipse alf202

March 22, 2020
Repress Please!! Great great Record. The kind of hypnotic Minimal I like! Favorite Track is Antimatter.

Zorg (12) - Eclipse Anmas

February 20, 2020
This is an increasingly powerful record throughout. It's a similar approach to Makcim & Levi; twisting, funky drum patterns and sick basslines.

Zorg (12) - Eclipse Sam_Hot_Wax

February 14, 2020
Looking for a copy shipped from the UK if there are any UK sellers?

Zorg (12) - Eclipse liamghughes

February 27, 2020

yo man, its available on vinyl underground at the moment, 14 quid all in

Zorg (12) - Eclipse guzzer

January 28, 2020
Pretty sure this is a different "Zorg" though. There is nothing about this on Bruno Schmidt's facebook

Zorg (12) - Eclipse ZakHary.

February 4, 2020
And also Eclipse - new label.
Please add new page. Thanks!

Zorg (12) - Eclipse guzzer

February 3, 2020
Ok I will edit - thanks for clarifying that .

Zorg (12) - Eclipse ZakHary.

January 30, 2020
its Janeret himself from Yoyaku page must be created.

Zorg (12) - Eclipse Pistachios

January 17, 2020

Warning! Great music on this record - really strong tracks - but the sleeve design has not quite worked - at least on my copy. Some of the black print on the plastic sleeve has peeled off and become stuck to the record. Even if your copy is fine, I would remove the record from the provided sleeve and store the sleeve separately. Who wants flakes of black ink anywhere near the records?

Zorg (12) - Eclipse Incinho

January 23, 2020
Same here. Record is stored away from the others :/

Zorg (12) - Eclipse guzzer

January 19, 2020
Same for me. I thought there was some sort of marbling effect on the record, but no, its ink thats rubbed off. Great music though as you say