Amino - Life deathchant3

May 20, 2017

all about the "prisoner" wicked track now finall ided shame price is so high

Amino - Life matt_bassline

April 29, 2016
Good to see that prices are starting to come down again for this one. There was clearly only a handful of people who were prepared to pay £30+. At time of writing the last sale was August 2015, that say's it all.

Amino - Life hodderian

February 24, 2016
Fuck that one guy who paid 75 EUR for it. That one fucking dickhead has meant that every greedy seller was given a green light to charge an insane price for this one. Fuck that guy. If you are out there and reading this and you paid 75 EUR for this, fuck you, I hope your home gets burgled.

Amino - Life wanone

February 9, 2016
Have to admit The Prisoner is a highly recognisable, decent track that could hold its own still today but £30 nahh, that's verging on Axis 'Come On' value. This vinyl, as now a hard trance classic, in no way competes with that release. In my opinion save your coin, much better releases out here if chasing Mark eg/M zone classics.

Amino - Life Rich.C

March 19, 2015

Much to the chagrin of many hard trancer the value of this track rocketed after being recently ided. 3 years ago this record was selling for 50p now it shifts for £50!...thats capitalism im afraid, as the old adage goes "something is only worth what someone will pay for it" is it worth £50? you decide. Whilst everyone wanted the id for the track prisoner after being spun by mark eg @ dreamscape 20 and m-zone @ diztruxshon 96 for me the best track on this vinyl is life. Played by mark eg @ Club kinetic leisurebowl tour 96 this mixes well with your spaceflowers, URR, tinribs etc, its a good release but its not up there with ultimate - hypnotic feeling, gollum & gary d black arrows or abet - the sweetest song. I cant believe it took so long to id as it wasn't that rare and released on a UK label so im sure theres loads of copies floating around on the market somewhere...strange eh.

Amino - Life MARKEG

November 27, 2014
Holy crap even I couldn't figure out what this was called - for the last 20 years!!!!!!!! Imagine the amount of people that asked me. How embarrassing hahahaha :) AMAZING TRACK

Amino - Life as reviewed by trancetrooper

November 13, 2014

After many years of searching the "Mark EG Dreamscape 20" track was finally ID'd by DJ_STORM on my thread, Huge respects to him!
It's all about A2 on this one!
By all means not the best Hard Trance tune around, i can think of many others which are better.
It's just for the fact that it's been wanted by many for so many years! (7 personally from me)
Still a blazing tune and well worth the £5 i spent on the EP for that track alone!
The other tracks on the EP are average also.
The first side being better than the second A1 - Life is a good tune and would fit well in any Hard Trance sets, Haven't listened to the B side much to make a full opinion on that side, But like i said A2 "The Prisoner" is where it's at!
If you can pick up a copy (after the mad rush of the internet) it's worth it for any Hard Trance collector!