DJ Energy - Believer (The Energy 96 Theme) as reviewed by Handsonrecords.co.uk

September 19, 2011
referencing Believer (The Energy 96 Theme), CD, Maxi, Energy 001-5
Just listened to this again on one of my old mix tapes. What a great track! When this came out in 1996 it was played to death by me and many others. Still sounds good to this day as well as a lot of other Time Unlimited stuff . This european Harder Trance and Techno-esque sound was so good back then alongside other labels such as Noom , really interesting music if your into this sort of thing. Better than a lot of the formulac stuff that comes out today :)

DJ Energy - Believer as reviewed by hodderian

December 5, 2008
referencing Believer, 12", ENERGY 001-6
What a monster tune! The rave mix opens up with a nice bit of warbling synths, before the tune flicks into life with a nice bouncy beat, a bit of acid, some plinky-plonky pianos, a bit of arpeggiated tranceyness, and then WHOMP! straight into one of the most memorable hardtrance riffs of all time. M-Zone and Mark EG used to cane this one up and down and inside out, and one listen will show you why! A true anthem.

The other two mixes are alright, but the Rave Mix is the one to go for.