SimoncinoOpen Your Eyes


Tape 015:16
Tape 024:50
Jungle Dream (Ron Trent Remix Part Two)10:02
In A Dream (Dub Mix)5:04
Secret Code6:06
Sabato Notte6:09
A F R I K A4:49
Fingers Theme4:12
Miami Vice6:18
Vento D'estate2:57
Notice Me6:47
Bonus Beat2:36
Reggae Dance4:48

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    Cover of Open Your Eyes, 2013-04-00, VinylOpen Your Eyes
    2×Album, 12", 33 ? RPM
    Mathematics Recordings – Mathematics 067, Mathematics Recordings – 067US2013US2013
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    Cover of Open Your Eyes, 2013, CDOpen Your Eyes
    CD, Album
    Mathematics Recordings – MATHEMATICSCD12US2013US2013
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    Open Your Eyes
    2×12", 33 ? RPM, Album, Test Pressing, White Label
    Mathematics Recordings – Mathematics 067, Mathematics Recordings – 067US2013US2013
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    • adylee's avatar
      Edited 5 years ago
      Beautiful album stumbled on this by accident and sounds like Dream 2 Science ?
      the mastering on tape 1 and tape 2 reminds me of cassettes warm analogue sound I gather the artist recorded it this way "sound from old" it sounds like the tape deck alignment was out and it had to be adjusted to bring the treble back ;) still sounds better than MP3 (SARCASM)......but excellent production who needs remasters......shame how the vinyl and CD have different tracks on them though...
      • TIM's avatar
        Simoncino's second album. This is definitely an ode to Trax records. From some of the song titles to the production, levels, mastering, nearly everything. 80's deep house and many Sueno Latino birds chirping In the background, deepness, Larry Heard-esque and more. Miami Vice is my favorite. Tape 1 is up there as well. Notice Me is another hit with me. The volume is definitely low on mastering giving it that 80s feel. Definitely a good album. And an album that you will enjoy the entire length of it each time you put it on. Definitely one of the best house records for 2013 for me.
        • yarham's avatar
          Edited 9 years ago
          The deepest of any deep house album filled with loads of pure emotion and soundscapes . Absolutely amazing. A strong contender for album of the year.

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