Ellis D*It's Paradise6:07
Deep SystemPleasure3:40
Dream 2 ScienceMy Love Turns To Liquid4:33
Don CarlosPlay It Again4:01
RepGot Me Delerious4:47
Global HouseLose Control3:53
The 49ers*The Message (Gradualswingrounddubmix)6:43
Myakka90° Of Soul5:24
Beat FoundationFoundations5:08
The DaouGive My Dub To You6:33
HeliotropicBrand New Dawn5:10
Urban BushmenLogorhythmic Black6:43
KenyattaKeep Me Comin' (Lifeforce Club Mix)5:42
SeductionSeduction (Reprise Loft Mix)5:48

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    Cover of After Hours, 1995-10-16, CDAfter Hours
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Music Unites – JDJAH1 CDUK & Europe1995UK & Europe1995
    Cover of After Hours, 1995, CassetteAfter Hours
    Cassette, Mixtape, Stereo
    Music Unites – JDJAHMC1UK & Europe1995UK & Europe1995
    New Submission
    Cover of After Hours, 1996-01-22, VinylAfter Hours
    2×LP, CompilationWhite
    Music Unites – JDJAH1 LPUK1996UK1996
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    Cover of After Hours, 1997-04-22, CDAfter Hours
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Twisted America Records – TWD-11623US1997US1997
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    Cover of After Hours, , CDAfter Hours
    CD, Mixed, Reissue
    Music Unites – JDJAH1, Music Unites – JDJAH1 CDUK & EuropeUK & Europe
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    • Richardlanfranc's avatar
      I have a sneaking suspicion that manchester's review is actually for this release, going under the same name:

      This JDJ number is a 4/5. It is a good mix and it is worth a few listens. I am very surprised it scores 4.9 on here though. It's not THAT good. I'd put it in the same family as the JDJ Judge Jules and John Kelly mix or the Ralph Lawson CDs in the Back to Basics: Cut the Crap compilation, so worth buying a copy if you like those...
      • manchester's avatar
        Edited 17 years ago
        Incredible deep house mix CD with a whole host of obscure gems mixed to perfection. I can't begin to describe how good this collection is. I've had to go out and buy several of the tracks. You could take the easy route and buy this fantastic compilation on vinyl - if only I'd known that! Stupendous deep house beauties from Ashley Beedle, under an obscure pseudonym, Junior Vasquez, Clivilles & Cole and many more terrific tracks. This really is a 5 star compilation that rises above any deep house CD I have ever come across before.

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        • Avg Rating:4.77 / 5
        • Ratings:75

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