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Cult Leaders Popperhilton

People who are Cult Leaders

about 2 hours ago
Juno Highlights 47/2022 (#596) heliosphaner

about 3 hours ago
Most expensive items sold in Discogs Marketplace for October 2022 discogs

about 3 hours ago
Alisha highdensity666

about 4 hours ago
Albums Of 2022 Extended Xe4ro

This time also rating digital (thereby including albums I would have bought but couldn't :( … )

about 5 hours ago Adventskalender Tür 2 - a-Musik a-musik advent calendar, window 2: a-Musik, selected by Frank Dommert. Some of the best of 2022 (incl. 2 from '21)

about 5 hours ago
CBS/Sony Inc. (Japan) - xxAP 2000 series (LP) georgie78

released in 1981 by CBS/Sony, Inc., Tokyo, Japan retail prices - ¥1,800, ¥2,000, ¥2,500, ¥2,600, ¥2,800, ¥3,800, ¥4,000, ¥10,000

about 7 hours ago
Matthew’s List matt_grimshaw

I want this stuff

about 9 hours ago
Missing CDs TheSpyHunter

about 10 hours ago
Wishlist bosuhr

about 15 hours ago
The Exestential Universe: Music of Personal and Profound Discovery (Volume 2) bhcampbell

Second volume of the series that has me exploring more specific forms of music that have personally benefited and affected me.

about 17 hours ago
Fav Projects of 2022 brandohuddle

about 18 hours ago
WC/WCPM Sonic Secret Santa List Testcard

Records we gave out at the 2022 Holiday Party

about 19 hours ago
Bobby Orlando effect_of_excess

about 20 hours ago
2022 Bill_Mark

about 23 hours ago
Svigerfars LP-salg Tought


about 23 hours ago
2022: Rolling Stone Best Albums MemphisJay

1 day ago
Disco Punk 109 skeuds mooggy

1 day ago
CBS/Sony Inc. (Japan) - xxAP 1900 series (LP) georgie78

released in 1981 by CBS/Sony, Inc., Tokyo, Japan retail prices - ¥2,000, ¥2,500, ¥3,500, ¥4,000

1 day ago
BIG TIME--BeSt MoD/PunK/PoWErPop 45's 77-83 pdxpaul001

World's best punk/powerpop singles from 78-83

1 day ago
Underground Nu Metal Crowgirl56

Just a list of some rare Nu Metal finds. This ranges from very rare releases of more popularish albums to things that are rarely seen in general.

1 day ago
Releases without covers Ispinne

List of releases I have that I don't have the cover for - only reason for list is because I can't share a folder from my collection

1 day ago
Can U Dig It? DJ_TR33

Super-fly Soundtracks

1 day ago
Collectibles Nataliebelsha

1 day ago
Must-Haves Nataliebelsha

1 day ago