Roger Dean Album Art

By Stan6466 Stan6466
updated 10 months ago

I've been entranced by Roger Dean's album artwork ever since I first saw the cover to 'Fragile' by Yes. Over all the years I've collected records, I'm constantly drawn back to LP artwork and have discovered new bands and genres I would not have considered if not for the artwork. This is my meagre collection of 60 or so albums with artwork by Roger Dean and I have identified around 170 albums with his artwork to date. To complicate matters, he is still very much involved in album art the list is ever-growing.

Surprisingly there is no definitive list (not even on Roger's website or books) but if you'd like to share lists in a mutual attempt to create a definitive list then I'd be happy to hear from you.

The list is pretty much in chronological order.

On a related topic, you can see other incredible album art in my 'Other Album Art' lists.

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