Nu-NRG and Hard NRG

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Hard NRG is an electronic music genre similar in structure (with regards to sequencing & programming) to UK Hard House. The main difference is in the musical/thematic content of each style.

Where UK Hard House has uplifting, playfully fun and tough elements, NRG is ominous, dark, aggressive and relentless with its distressed, menacing and gritty sounds on a slightly faster BPM (150 - 155 average) than UK Hard House (140 average).

By '96-97 there was a steady flow of UK based Hard House that threw away the fun & uplifting parts to incorporated the "Hoover" & other gritty, menacing sounding elements at a slightly higher tempo than the conventional Hard House and thus, the style effectively became known as "Nu-NRG" when Blu Peter coined the phrase in a magazine interview. Doug Osbourne (Sourmash/Razor' s Edge/Illuminatae), Gordon Matthewman (DJ Edge/ Illuminatae), Jon Bell (Captain Tinrib), Jon Vaughan (Jon The Dentist), Jon Truelove (Lectrolux/Hyperspace) Pete Davis (Baby Doc/Hyperspace), Owen Swinard & Dom Sweeten (OD404), Paul King, John Newell (RR Fierce), Ben Keen (BK) & Nick Sentience all had a heavy hand in shaping this sound in the UK specifically. Outside the UK, producers such as DJ Misjah (Dyewitness), Ramon Zenker (E-Trax/Phenomania/Exit EEE), Commander Tom, Nuclear Hyde etc, all dabbled with the sound from time to time.

The late 90s & early 2000s saw NRG expand a little further when the sound became even fiercer, darker and much more serious than Nu-NRG. DJ Kristian then coined the phrase "Hard NRG" while Jon Bell (Captain Tinrib/Dr. Base /Fierce Base), John Newell (RR Fierce/ Rim 'N Chop/Fierce Base), Karim Lamouri (Karim/Rim 'N Chop) Chris Payne (Casper) & Barmak Hatamian (The Alien Thing/Max & Amino) were instrumental in the development of Hard NRG.

At present, Nu-NRG & Hard NRG is known simply as NRG throughout the scene since it has become extremely difficult to draw a line of distinction between the two styles. There is however, a monumental difference between UK Hard House & NRG.

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  1. Commander Tom - Are Am Eye?

    8 For Sale from $6.67

    "Definitive hard trance classic that inspired a generation & no doubt played a big part in the hoover sound of uk hard house. Commander Tom - german trance legend & co-writer of very similar but unique & equally outstanding Believer by DJ Energy. The original mix is still the best by far."~Riddler

  2. Tony de Vit - Are You All Ready / UFO

    20 For Sale from $1.43

    Are You all Ready (1996)

  3. DJ Energy - Believer (The Energy 96 Theme)

    Believer (The Energy 96 Theme) (1996)

  4. Razor's Edge - Exquisite Sin

    The Zoo (Dancefloor NRG Original) (1996)
    featuring Doug Osborne, Nick Hale, Russel Coultart

  5. Dyewitness - What Would You Like To Hear Again?

    What Would You Like To Hear Again? (Eldon Tyrell Remix) (1997)

  6. Pete Wardman - The Sound Of The Hoover

    Baby Doc - Yum Yum
    Lectrolux - Baloney (1997)

  7. Captain Tinrib - The Best Of Tinrib '96-'02

    3 For Sale from $30.06

    The Captain & RR Fierce - Street Tab (1997)
    Weirdo ?– Photic Zone (1998)
    Captain Tinrib 2001 - The Final Frontnose (2000)

  8. Various - Fish Tales Vol. 1 - Battered & Crispied

    6 For Sale from $3.55

    D.R. Base - Blue Oyster

  9. Various - The Sound Of The Hoover Volume Two

    5 For Sale from $5.60

    F1 - Can't Stop Won't Stop (Paul King)

  10. Weirdo - Photic Zone / Gotta Keep On

    Weirdo ?– Photic Zone (1998)
    also on Captain Tinrib ?– The Best Of Tinrib '96-'02

  11. DJ Kristian And Superfast Oz - The NRG Files Volume 1

    Legend B - Lost In Love (Kinetic Atom Mix) (1999)

  12. Stimulant DJs - Hoover Time

    Hoover Time (Captain Tinrib Remix) (2000)

  13. Jon The Dentist Vs Ollie Jaye* - Feel So Good. Disc One

    32 For Sale from $1.32

    Imagination (2000 Remix) (2000)

  14. Stimulant DJs - Hoover Time

    20 For Sale from $2.41

    Hoover Time (Original Mix) (2000)

  15. Karim* - Scotland PA

    1 For Sale from $26.67

    Karim - Begonia (2000)

  16. E-Trax - Let's Rock

    1 For Sale from $3.33

    Let's Rock (BK's Nukleuz Remix) (2001)

  17. Lab-4* - Devilution

    8 For Sale from $4.67

    Bluebook (2001)

  18. Captain Tinrib - 2001 - The Final Frontnose

    6 For Sale from $9.99

    Captain Tinrib 2001 - The Final Frontnose (2000)

  19. Various - Back To 2000 2001

    Trauma - Wanna Ride
    DJ Kristian & Superfast Oz - Malpractice
    (2000, 2001) in a 2017 re-release

  20. Various - One From The Hardbox

    Paul Glazby - Beautiful (2002)

  21. Various - Back To 2002 2003

    Paul Maddox - Tension
    OD404 - Panic Button
    (2002, 2003) released in 2017