• Letterwit 6 months ago

    My Friends, I'm under the impression that a contributor, jweijde, is rewriting the history of a well-known classical label, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, in a series of revisions (36-40). I wonder if these revisions are correct, and, if not, whether any measures should be taken. I'm much anxious to learn your opinion.

    In classical music, Harmonia Mundi is a household name, albeit rather confusing, since the name is used by two different record companies, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi and the French Harmonia Mundi. Contributor states: "These record companies shared their artists and recordings and issued records under the same label: Harmonia Mundi" (revision 37; my italics).

    No, I think, although it's the same name, they're different labels. A name can refer to more than one person or object – say, to more than one artist or label.

    Contributor has started to change releases in this way, such as Schubertiade. While the record company is still listed as Harmonia Mundi Schallplattengesellschaft, the label is changed to the French Harmonia Mundi. I'm not so sure about this change. Frankly speaking, I feel the database is messed up if Contributor continues in this way.

    Apart from the disputable semantics, I regret that Contributor has deleted details of the early history of the company; compare with revision 34. I don't have access to the historical sources cited (revision 37).

    I'm grateful for your patience. You could further oblige me by telling me your point of view.
  • clanc 6 months ago

    TBH being a longtime Classical Music contributor myself, I once learned of a generic HM label, with a German split-off later on. In fact on discogs, we document data 'as on release', for example Harmonia Mundi France is only used when that particular logo is present. Sleeve nor center labels of Schubertiade reveal any mentioning of the prefix 'Deutsche-', so there you go.

    The contributor clearly used sources for his changes he made on the label page, which is a good thing. Looking forward to any responses that wil pop up here... perhaps you could post in the Database forum as well? More people there.
  • emmebi_64 6 months ago

    post in the Database forum as well?

    Insert the link here, thanks.
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    I piggybacked on an existing thread:

    Feel free to voice your opinions there.

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