• the_vinyl_outlet 8 months ago

    I do not see why a german Telefunken issue has been choosen as Master release for this LP when french ASTREE was indeed the first on the market . As far as I know ,French astree with original pressings was a much better choice .
  • whymelord 8 months ago

    RSG §16.4: Try to select the Key release that best represents the title and image for all the releases in the Master release, with the title taking priority.
    If you have a good reason change the key release.
  • the_vinyl_outlet 8 months ago

    The Bottom line is : is U.K pressing made by DECCA the first issue ( due to lack of original french Pressings at inception) ? However , first pressings have ASTREE labels , gatefold has a single letter code price . Blue labels with Silver letterings .
  • the_vinyl_outlet 8 months ago

    I am having so much problems with enforcement crew (50.000 + members ) , I will not take any responsabilty now , Though it has to be changed obviously .
  • sunjan 7 months ago

    is U.K pressing made by DECCA the first issue

    Fixed that for you. I'm just taking a wild stab that 12926678 is the key release. Feel free to change if you know more about how these pressings differ.

    Also, you made a terrible mess of the FTF. Please don't put pressing info and price codes there.
    Use the MR page instead, if you really want to disambiguate.

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