• Pororoca over 15 years ago

    Hello All!

    Having done a quick search through the topics in this forum I don't see much being spoken about, 'Orbital' hence the above question. I seem to recollect them as being the 'Techno gods' back in the early to mid 90's??

    Anyway, having spent some time away from the techno genre, I would be most grateful for some recommendations to get my brain in gear please...
  • TEKNONUTTER over 15 years ago

    Maybe this topic would get more responses in the Old Skool Lovers forum. No disrespect to the originators of this forum but this is more of a purist (US Techno / Jeff Mills / Richie Hawtin / hard / stripped down / mid to late 90s style productions etc) appreciation forum. Orbital are mainly techno imo, but I wouldn't necessarily call them purist or minimal.

    On the subject matter itself, don't know about Orbital being a dirty word, it's not with me anyhow, I like most of their stuff from the first day. Underworld on the other hand...
  • cerebral over 15 years ago

    Also Orbital have split, they were often talked about up until then since they had new releases and gigs and so on. Thats another good reason to post about it in the Old Skool Lovers forum.
  • Pororoca over 15 years ago

    Thanks, you've pretty much answered my question as to why Orbital weren't talked about much in this forum. And point taken about discussing, Orbital in the Old Skool Lovers forum.

    Any recommendations besides Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin though?
  • cerebral over 15 years ago

    Just to keep this forum alive...i shouted "Orbital" at a traffic warden trying to ticket my car. They arrested me for indecdent verbal assault rather than assuming i was commenting on the M25 ring road.
  • TEKNONUTTER over 15 years ago

    ...i shouted "Orbital" at a traffic warden

    Was it a lady traffic warden per chance? She might've thought you were remarking on her big, wide backside - the size of the 'M25 Orbital". Then again, what excuse do wardens need to have to be complete arseholes?
  • cerebral over 15 years ago

    If her backside was the size of the m25 orbital it would surely be seized by the government and divided up for numerous bypass projects around connurbations of shops, houses and industrial estates. Her ass would run through forests and beauty spots to link up neighbouring cities and outlying towns.

    I was given 4 tickets this year for no reason. I parked on a 30 foot wide verge next to my home, and because there was a single yellow line on the main road next to the verge, and a sign on the road saying no stopping between certain hours, i was ticketed.

    If you parked on the road it would create traffic chaos.
    I wasn't on the road.

    Fuck traffic wardens and their fat asses.

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