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Welcome to the Ripping Vinyl Group kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy 10 kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy 5 months ago
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Turntable to computer interfaces. What do you use? kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy 53 spearheaded spearheaded 22 days ago
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Wayne's Outer Audio Ring for SL 1200's and other TT's kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy 10 kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy 2 months ago
Hum @ 60Hz on rips, without needle in the groove? etechmarketing etechmarketing 12 etechmarketing etechmarketing 3 months ago
Recommendations for Sound Card / Audio Interface with Balanced Outs etechmarketing etechmarketing 9 kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy 3 months ago
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Vinyl ripping and background sounds? williamschrisam williamschrisam 7 cubdukat cubdukat 5 months ago
Top 5 things people do wrong in vinyl rips mjb mjb 15 williamschrisam williamschrisam 5 months ago
How to connect amplifier to iMac? jcksqrd jcksqrd 6 jcksqrd jcksqrd 5 months ago
RIAA List Record Producers ralf.kermes ralf.kermes 2 ralf.kermes ralf.kermes 6 months ago
Friend's setup vs my setup (DJ USE) luchj luchj 2 luchj luchj 7 months ago
Turntable Setup etechmarketing etechmarketing 6 etechmarketing etechmarketing 10 months ago
Need Advice on Ripping from Vinyl! pmpboy pmpboy 14 pmpboy pmpboy 10 months ago
The Hi-Fi ripping experience...ohhh yes... Madison-chan Madison-chan 2 Madison-chan Madison-chan 11 months ago
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VTA Vertical Tracking Angle, the last turntable tweak kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy 1 kurts.ear.candy kurts.ear.candy about 1 year ago
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