Real Name:
Bryn Jones
June 17, 1961 - January 14, 1999

"Bryn Jones was not a practicing Muslim and never traveled to the Middle East. His recordings as Muslimgauze, however, qualified him as one of the Western artists most explicitly slanted in favor of the Palestinian liberation movement. Since the Manchester native’s works were instrumental, most of the political statement was inherent in the packaging: witness titles such as Fatah Guerrilla, Return of Black September, Hebron Massacre, Vote Hezbollah, United States of Islam, and The Rape of Palestine. Jones’s output was so idiosyncratic and prolific that he would remix anything he was given to suit his purposes and recorded an album almost every week.

Jones could have been a potentially controversial figure if his releases were available in anything except extremely limited editions—usually less than one thousand copies of each title. Despite their lack of prominence, Jones’s blend of found-sound Middle Eastern and South Asian atmospheres with heavily phased drones and colliding rhythm programs were among the most startling and unique in the noise and electronica underground. The Muslimgauze project ended tragically in 1999 when Jones died suddenly of a rare blood disease. A number of posthumous releases including Lo-Fi India Abuse (partially a collaboration with the dub collective Systemwide) and the 9-disc Box Of Silk And Dogs soon followed." -John Bush for

His discography (96 titles at the time of his death) has nearly doubled since 1999, although this counts reissued titles as well as brand-new titles.


PKR-2 Muslimgauze - Opaques album art Muslimgauze Opaques (Album) Product Kinematograph PKR-2 UK 1983 Sell This Version
PKR-1 Muslimgauze - Kabul album art Muslimgauze Kabul (Album) Product Kinematograph PKR-1 UK 1983 Sell This Version
LOOSE 008 Muslimgauze - Buddhist On Fire album art Muslimgauze Buddhist On Fire (Album) Recloose Organisation LOOSE 008 UK 1984 Sell This Version
LIMITED 2 Muslimgauze - Blinded Horses album art Muslimgauze Blinded Horses (Album) Limited Editions LIMITED 2 UK 1985 Sell This Version
LIMITED 3 Muslimgauze - Flajelata album art Muslimgauze Flajelata (Album) Limited Editions LIMITED 3 UK 1986 Sell This Version
LIMITED 4 Muslimgauze - Hajj album art Muslimgauze Hajj (Album) Limited Editions LIMITED 4 UK 1986 Sell This Version
LIMITED 6 Muslimgauze - Abu Nidal album art Muslimgauze Abu Nidal (Album) Limited Editions LIMITED 6 UK 1987 Sell This Version
LIMITED 5 Muslimgauze - Jazirat-Ul-Arab album art Muslimgauze Jazirat-Ul-Arab (Album) Limited Editions LIMITED 5 UK 1987 Sell This Version
PDC005 Muslimgauze - Coup D'Etat album art Muslimgauze Coup D'Etat (Album) Permis De Construire PDC005 France 1987 Sell This Version
ST C.D. 001 Muslimgauze - Iran album art Muslimgauze Iran (Album) Staaltape, Staalplaat ST C.D. 001 Netherlands 1988 Sell This Version
LIMITED 7 Muslimgauze - The Rape Of Palestine album art Muslimgauze The Rape Of Palestine (Album) Limited Editions LIMITED 7 UK 1988 Sell This Version
PHOE 02 Muslimgauze - Uzi album art Muslimgauze Uzi (Album) Parade Amoureuse PHOE 02 Germany 1989 Sell This Version
XCT 015 Muslimgauze - Intifaxa album art Muslimgauze Intifaxa (Album) Extreme, Extreme XCT 015 Australia 1990 Sell This Version
XCD 007 Muslimgauze - United States Of Islam album art Muslimgauze United States Of Islam (Album) Extreme XCD 007 USA & Canada 1991 Sell This Version
XCD 012 Muslimgauze - Zul'm album art Muslimgauze Zul'm (Album) Extreme XCD 012 US 1992 Sell This Version
ST CD 051 Muslimgauze - Hamas Arc album art Muslimgauze Hamas Arc (Album) Staalplaat ST CD 051 Netherlands 1993 Sell This Version
SOL 20 CD Muslimgauze - Veiled Sisters album art Muslimgauze Veiled Sisters(2xCD, Album) Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 20 CD US 1993 Sell This Version
SOL 17 CD Muslimgauze - Vote Hezbollah album art Muslimgauze Vote Hezbollah (Album) Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 17 CD US 1993 Sell This Version
STDAT 001 Muslimgauze - Satyajit Eye album art Muslimgauze Satyajit Eye (Album) Staalplaat STDAT 001 Netherlands 1993 Sell This Version
ST CD 058 Muslimgauze - Betrayal album art Muslimgauze Betrayal(CD, Album) Staalplaat ST CD 058 Netherlands 1993 Sell This Version
ST CD 081 Muslimgauze - Blue Mosque album art Muslimgauze Blue Mosque (Album) Staalplaat ST CD 081 Netherlands 1994 Sell This Version
TCD 01 Muslimgauze - Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed album art Muslimgauze Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed (Album) T.4 TCD 01 France 1994 Sell This Version
XCD 026 Muslimgauze - Citadel album art Muslimgauze Citadel (Album) Extreme XCD 026 USA & Canada 1994 Sell This Version
CPRODCD020, CPRODICD20 Muslimgauze - Emak Bakia album art Muslimgauze Emak Bakia (Album, Comp) Concrete Productions, Concrete Productions CPRODCD020, CPRODICD20 UK 1994 Sell This Version
ST CD 072 Muslimgauze - Zealot album art Muslimgauze Zealot(2xCD, Album, Ltd) Staalplaat ST CD 072 Netherlands 1994 Sell This Version

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January 28, 2020
A really amazing artist who terrifically went ahead of his time and produce what is a proper experimental electronic music.Sad to read about his early death, therefore, I wish all the best for y'all music diggers. Let's live our days at once!.
Bryn Jones ++


July 11, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
It's amazing how much music keeps being released after this artist has died. Looks to be more than 50 releases since 1999. Are the proceeds going to relatives?


July 7, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
There are no words to describe his talent and what a genius he was. His early death possibly marks the most grievous loss in industrial music at all. However, let’s be thankful for the vast legacy he left to us. God bless you, Bryn.


January 23, 2018
Muslimgauze mix (on two turntables and two cd-players) by Dutch dj and producer DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess, in Barcelona:


March 20, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
A prolific artist in his life and not only unique in compositional style but intelligent and gratifying to those listeners who venture beyond pap pop music terroir. There too many classic MG recordings but as much as I hate the Extreme label for screwing their artists out of royalties my first experience and to this day favorite MG release was Zul'M. Its got everything in it trance inducing electronic beats mixed with ethnic chants, atmosphere and very balanced compared to his former and later harsher sounding industrialized recordings. He was not concerned about peoples opinions esp. the political views that he held regarding middle-eastern politics and that suborn creative nature is what made him a true artist in my book. He made music without the iron grip of money and record labels mind bending this artist to conform to the fashionable music of the times.
Brilliant,ahead of his time and a one of a kind. RIP!


November 25, 2015
so far beyond...


March 5, 2015
I have all his releases, all in digital formats (no actual CDs, LP, etc.). This guy's stuff is amazingly prophetic (not in any religious/spiritual way) in how he seemed to foreshadow the issues/problems/violence of the Arabs, Palestinians, Jews, et. well before it was anything but a regional concern. Highly recommended people investigate...


October 28, 2012
Sampledelic mid-eastern percussion soundscapes which range from the mesmerising to the tweeter-shredding. Bryn has some absolutely brilliant recordings, with a sound unlike anyone else's, but that's offset by the fact that a great deal of his later work seems like demos, the seeds of ideas as opposed to fully realised ones. I've found his most consistent works from beginning to end are the albums on Extreme, especially Z'ulm and Citadel. Best results will come from wading through his archive and picking and choosing the individual tracks that suit your own tastes.


August 18, 2012
an amazing artist!! his creativity level was through the roof, and at most times misunderstood, and will be sorely missed! 52(releases and counting! that i have from this artist) his music crossed all boundaries! beautiful but at times harsh, prolific artist indeed!.


June 3, 2004
There's a lot that has been already said about Bryn Jones (a.k.a. Muslimgauze) who died in 1999 after brief struggle with pneumonia.

He was a truly prolific artist (about 180 releases as of 2004 and still some of his works are unreleased). He also was very sensitive about Middle East - that's one of his ideas that many people will never understand. I don't believe that he was really angry religious fanatic - probably this kind of image was used to boost his record sales. But i still think that he was incredibly talented musician who left us too early

In 2004 we know that a lot of anger shown through his work somehow transformed into the real world - terror became a reality. Even after his death, a lot of titles of his albums and tracks are reflecting the current situation in Iraq and in general.

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