Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd was an English rock band from London. Founded in 1965, the group achieved worldwide acclaim, initially with innovative psychedelic music, and later in a genre that came to be termed progressive rock.

Distinguished by philosophical lyrics, musical experimentation, frequent use of sound effects and elaborate live shows, Pink Floyd remains one of the most commercially successful and influential groups in the history of popular music.

David Gilmour - guitar, slide guitar, vocals (1968-2014)
Richard Wright - keyboards, vocals (1965-1980, 1987-2008)
Nick Mason - drums, percussion, sound effects (1965-2014)
Roger Waters - bass guitar, vocals, sound effects (1965-1985)
Syd Barrett - guitar, vocals (1965-1968)

Other players:
Rado Klose - guitar (1965)
Jon Carin - backing vocals, keyboards, slide guitar, sound effects (1985-1995)
Guy Pratt - bass guitar, backing vocals (1987-1995)

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 (Performer).
Group name was taken from Pink Anderson and Floyd Council as a tribute to the American music they loved.


SCX6157 Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn album art Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Album) Columbia SCX6157 Denmark 1967 Sell This Version
ST 5131 Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets album art Pink Floyd A Saucerful Of Secrets (Album) Columbia ST 5131 US 1968 Sell This Version
LIV72 Pink Floyd - Ummagumma album art Pink Floyd Ummagumma (Album) Harvest LIV72 UK 1969 Sell This Version
1C 062-04 096 Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film "More" album art Pink Floyd Soundtrack From The Film "More" (Album) Columbia, Columbia 1C 062-04 096 Germany 1969 Sell This Version
RS-10001 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother album art Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother (Album) Harvest, Harvest RS-10001 Taiwan 1970 Sell This Version
CN 1482/S Pink Floyd - Stereo Pop Special-3 album art Pink Floyd Stereo Pop Special-3 BBC Transcription Services CN 1482/S UK 1971 Sell This Version
SMAS-832 Pink Floyd - Meddle album art Pink Floyd Meddle (Album) Harvest, Harvest SMAS-832 US 1971 Sell This Version
SHSP.4020 Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds album art Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds (Album) Harvest, Harvest SHSP.4020 Australia 1972 Sell This Version
8X-SHVL 804 Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon album art Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon (Album) Harvest 8X-SHVL 804 UK 1973 Sell This Version
CN 1820/SS Pink Floyd - Stereo Pop Special-46 album art Pink Floyd Stereo Pop Special-46(LP, Transcription) BBC Transcription Services CN 1820/SS UK 1973 Sell This Version
PC 33453 Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here album art Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here (Album) Harvest PC 33453 US 1975 Sell This Version
1A 062-98434, 1C 062-98434, 1C 198-53 836 Pink Floyd - Animals album art Pink Floyd Animals (Album) Harvest, Harvest 1A 062-98434, 1C 062-98434, 1C 198-53 836 Netherlands 1977 Sell This Version
PC2 36183, 36183 Pink Floyd - The Wall album art Pink Floyd The Wall (Album, Comp) Harvest PC2 36183, 36183 US 1979 Sell This Version
Series 13 Shows 1-4 Pink Floyd - Jim Ladd Hosts Innerview - Pink Floyd Special album art Pink Floyd Jim Ladd Hosts Innerview - Pink Floyd Special(LP, Transcription) Innerview Series 13 Shows 1-4 US 1979 Sell This Version
XDAP-93012 Pink Floyd - The Wall In Store album art Pink Floyd The Wall In Store(LP, Promo, Smplr) CBS/Sony XDAP-93012 Japan 1979 Sell This Version
Series #17, Show #6 & 7 Pink Floyd - Innerview: Pink Floyd Part 1 & 2 with Roger Waters album art Pink Floyd, Jim Ladd Pink Floyd, Jim Ladd - Innerview: Pink Floyd Part 1 & 2 with Roger Waters(2xLP, Transcription) Innerview Series #17, Show #6 & 7 US 1979 Sell This Version
Series #22, Show #2 Pink Floyd - Innerview: Pink Floyd The Wall (Film) album art Pink Floyd, Jim Ladd Pink Floyd, Jim Ladd - Innerview: Pink Floyd The Wall (Film)(2xLP, Transcription) Innerview Series #22, Show #2 US 1982 Sell This Version
CN 4208/S Pink Floyd - In Concert-307 album art Pink Floyd In Concert-307(LP, Transcription) BBC Transcription Services CN 4208/S UK 1983 Sell This Version
PC 7817 Pink Floyd - The Final Cut album art Pink Floyd The Final Cut (Album) Harvest, Harvest PC 7817 Australia 1983 Sell This Version
Series #24, Show #8 & 9 Pink Floyd - Innerview - Pink Floyd With Roger Waters album art Jim Ladd Hosts Pink Floyd Jim Ladd Hosts Pink Floyd - Innerview - Pink Floyd With Roger Waters(2xLP, Transcription) Innerview Series #24, Show #8 & 9 US 1983 Sell This Version
RL 16-3 Pink Floyd / Walter Egan Pink Floyd / Walter Egan - The Final Cut / Wild Exhibitions(LP, Transcription) Afrts RL 16-3 US 1983 Sell This Version
NBC 84-34 Pink Floyd - Shades Of Pink - The Legend Of Pink Floyd album art Pink Floyd Shades Of Pink - The Legend Of Pink Floyd(6xLP, Album, Promo, Transcription) The Source (8) NBC 84-34 US 1984 Sell This Version
OCT 40599, CT40599 Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason album art Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Album) EMI OCT 40599, CT40599 US 1987 Sell This Version
none Pink Floyd - Up Close album art Pink Floyd Up Close(2xCD, Transcription) MCA Radio Network none US 1987 Sell This Version
W 88-40 Pink Floyd - Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner album art Mary Turner (4), Pink Floyd Mary Turner (4), Pink Floyd - Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner Westwood One W 88-40 US 1988 Sell This Version

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August 31, 2020
One of the most famous songs written in the Dorian mode is 'Another Brick In The Wall':


August 29, 2020
Great band, helped me get into music as a whole and I still give some of their records a listen or two every now and then.


July 21, 2020
I like the playfulness of Relics, the wackiness of Umma Gumma, but my favourite Pink Floyd album always comes back to More. There is something very English about it, sortoflike a medieval Greensleeves thing far away, there lurking in the background, coming out now and then (with a bit of acid, spanish guitar, rock and psychedelia to throw you off).

The first track Cirrus Minor is an awe, a wonderment piece of peace and harmony, setting a scene with birds chirping in the background you are somewhere eternal, outisde of mortal reality. The edge of the Nile at Dawn I suppose . . . Then sounds opens up to reveal More . . .

There is a lot of variation on this album, probably more than any other Pink Floyd album, but it remains cohesive, beautifully balanced. "Main Theme" is a star-bursting wonder. Please give More an archival vinyl release soon so more can enjoy it properly.


March 1, 2020
Finding my copy was not too bad but with so many variants! One of the best Albums ever made, reminds me of my dad and i wish he was as careful a collector as i am as he told me tales of Uma Gumma and buying the LP when first released, he had so many of their LP's but i didn't know him that well,, met him a few times but in my adult life i was lucky enough to work as a Volunteer in a Charity Shop and bought my copy for £5! i ended buying 2 copies and years later sold 1 to a fan, both came with both posters, and both stickers! i still got my posters inside the Jacket with both stickers and as this is the only copy i still have i would never sell it as finding the 1970's releases in this condition is getting harder, luckily i have a Near Mint copy, checked in full sunlight, and jacket just aged and slight ring wear to the back but very clean, i heard the later copies in the year 2000 plus are not as great as these early pressings, i remember when i first got my copies and thought i had the first pressing till some very understanding Floyd fan's asked me to check the triangle and other indentifiers, and no silver lining on my triangle lol, but i soon took the copy i was selling off the Listing as i had several fans who know their stuff telling me they would send me Hundreds of pounds via PayPal and luckily i checked and had to relist the copy i sold, but i am very glad i kept my copy and proudly in my collection, i urge anyone who finds an old copy to do the research especially if selling it, the fan's forgive anyone who makes a genuine mistake when asked to check but Do Not confuse a repress with an original and ask for Big Money as you will have a very expensive refund and pissed off fan,, thanks to the fans who helped me and i hope this helps sellers who have a copy, if you got told it was real at the car boot or you find a copy and it is not original then don't try and sell it on unless you find the proper listed copy,, happy record collecting 2020,,,


November 24, 2019
Pink Floyd - the worlds oldest Syd Barrett / THE Pink Floyd tribute band.



November 23, 2019
Best of the best album in the world! The album can be treated as another turn in Pink Floyd's work - especially in the text layer. The band has deviated from almost purely poetic texts, and focused on matters closer to man, on everyday problems. Although it may seem that he has less to say in a word, he says an infinite amount of sounds.


December 19, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
Few words about the 2016 vinyl releases..plain digital GARBAGE! Avoid avoid avoid (maybe get Animals)! Any copy from any country before the 1980 era will play better if found in a decent condition. Why on earth do all this effort to take the tapes and stuff and then produce a digital crap wax! Just make a CD for Christ! Every time I spin the 2016's it feels like darkness (similar to originals) but without the air and warmness that one would seek when listening to a "dark" record. BG tried to work on the dynamics still the final result is just super weird. It just ain't possible to mimic analogousness by using digital means (I guess that's what BG tried to do). In a nutshell these records are a stain on the legacy of this band! Blasphemy! They should re-do all this work following strictly an analog domain. Doug Sax has done a nice job in DSOTM 2003 and Division Bell 2014- those you can get. Pink Floyd deserves only the best possible treatment.


May 19, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
No matter what they want you to believe, Animals was the last real Pink Floyd album. Animals was the last album where they were really playing together as a band in the studio. In 1978, two fine solo albums were released: David Gilmour's first & Richard Wright's Wet Dream.

But the later released solo ones, are solo (project) patchworks released under the name Pink Floyd, having little to do with their magical creative, collective 1966-1977 output as The Early Years 1965-1972 box set showed me again on especially it's live recordings and it's John Latham Versions. What a joy and spontanity. They really brewed.

The Wall was the price they payed for saving them from bankrupticy caused by their venture capital company Norton-Warburg investments and the tax they had to pay over those losses.

Roger saved Pink Floyd financially by letting them use one of his solo demo tapes for the badly needed new Pink Floyd album, but his ego had already become too big to work with for the others Floyds and an army of co-workers were called to duty to finish it, plus it was Roger's very personal baby, a very personal cry to be executed by all (?!). Pink Floyd always made the music they liked, together. Wright didn't like The Wall, tried, seeing the need as all did, but was -also- blocked by marriage problems and Roger big ego maestro bullying him.

(Years later: Gilmour didn't like The Final Cut and they fought each other, was treated as a session man by Waters, Waters quits what he has left of Pink Floyd in 1985, in fact he leads himself out of Pink Floyd)

This all splitted up the band that already had gone solo in 1978. Richard Wright was dismissed. The result was a monstrosity, selling more than Meatloaf, it was a lot of school kids' first Pink Floyd. It was the first Pink Floyd release I did not buy on release after I started collecting them in 1971 with Relics. It made me think: Hey, Roger, leave those kids alone, and I don't need your spitting "new" sound, where's Rick's architectonic playing? Where has Nick's specific drum sound gone? It's strait bam bam bam now! Roger cannot sing, why doesn't David sing more? What an ungly artwork, for kids?! An expensive double album with just a few good tracks! Krautrock, Punk & New Wave flourished, Animals did a good job but hell a bombastic rock opera?! Then, that whining story everyone was delving out of it!
After all these years this to me = Screaming Lord Waters with Heavy Friends = album still has only 2 excellent, 5 just decent tracks and 19 fillers. Stop has deadly honest lyrics (it covers the whole situation), Young Lust the worst (it previews Hitch Hiking).

The 80's brought more solo (projects), some again under the name Pink Floyd: The Final Cut (actually a Roger Waters solo album), About Face, Identity, The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, Profiles, A Momentary Lapse of Reason (actually a David Gilmour solo album), Radio KAOS and Delicate Sound of Thunder (actually a David Gilmour solo project) again all not my cup of tea to put it mildly but -One man's trash is another man's treasure- or -One man's meat is another man's poison- fits me more. Same case with Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports (actually a Carla Bley album) being the only clever and gorgeous one to me, is as criminally underrated as More, Ummagumma (studio parts) and Music from the Body are. Even the half good Obscured by Clouds nullyfies their 80's stuff for me with ease.

The 80's recordings releases shows me how they struggled and smuggled solo in that period and how great as a group, supplementary wise (following the 1+1+1+1 becomes > 4 formula) they once were. Eventually they grew better after that period.

With the 3 Floyds in the 90's:
-Cluster One, Marooned, Wearing The Inside Out & High Hopes from The Division Bell (the rest stays weak IMO),
-Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Astronomy Domine, High Hopes, a complete Dark Side, Wish You Were Here & Comfortably Numb (live on PULSE),
and with 2 Floyds + 1 posthumously, the in the 00's:
-Skins, The Lost Art Of Conversation, On Noodle Street, Allons-y (1), Autumn '68 [as if hearing Rick playing his own requiem] , Allons-y (2), Tbs9, Tbs14 & Nervana on The Endless River (Anisina here is pure kitsch, Louder than Words isn't their swan song, that honour stays with High Hopes, the rest is too idle, New Age),
they do a far better job IMO with an ace group sound and some great new compositions!

Broken China, On an Island and Remember That Night: Live at the Royal Albert Hall, shows how classy David Gilmour can be and Richard Wright always was. Roger Waters was really great on Piper - Animals and his collaboration with Ron Geesin: Music from the Body is a fine timepiece. I like his view on politics in interviews & statements but his militaristic, bombastic shows are appalling and repellent to me but just the music on his In The Flesh album is quit an improvement over his other releases. The wonderful Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and his lovely solo albums! Nick Mason with his fantastic drumming all the way through, I look forward what his new band Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets brings from the early, pre Dark Side stuff!

Without the Norton-Warburg affair there would likely have been no Wall by Pink Floyd, but a Roger Water's solo album, and after years maybe a new all four members Pink Floyd album or not.

YouTube: Roger Waters & Nick Mason - The Simple Facts, from 12:12. If one has any knowledge what happened, and insight into character, one can only conclude Roger is still bossy, bullying, frustrated and hypocrite.


April 19, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
tl;dr - Start with Dark Side of the Moon, then try out Meddle and Wish You Were Here. If Meddle gets you, then work backwards, if Wish gets you, then work forward.

An interesting band, with several very distinct phases. Though it's all old hat by now, even the punks quite liked the Syd stuff. Most people will have a favourite era. A quick breakdown for the uninitiated:

1965-1968 - Syd Barrett era. Esoteric English whimsy and cataclysmic astral freak outs, with surprisingly little in between. Generally favoured by your left-field singer songwriter types.
1968-1973 - They binned off poor old acid casualty Syd (lots of debate to be had there, but best saved for one of the half dozen books on the subject), got in rock-god-in-waiting Dave Gilmour and made some top notch late 60s/early 70s psych tinged hard rock with blues influences. Transition from jam-out freaks to proper together real 'band' in the prog sense, with proper chops and everything, rather than Mason rolling around his toms for hours while Barrett mucks about with a zippo on his strings going through an echoplex.
1973-1983 - Legit 'biggest band in the world' contenders, with prog masterpieces with concepts and basslines in 7/4 and all that stuff.
1983-2017 - Bassist and prog-visionary-in-chief Waters decides he's had enough, band carry on without him, do some passable if a bit watery bluesy delay laden terribly earnest 80s/90s rock. Indefinite hiatus in mid 90s, back together for one last hurrah of rejigging outtakes from last album proper into a final (better than you might expect) album in the mid 2010s.

For what it's worth, I'm mad into the Syd stuff, really dig the intermediate stuff up to Dark Side of the Moon, really like Dark Side itself but if they'd called it a day in 1973 then they'd have just about the strongest body of work in all guitar music. I've not got much time for the indulgent double concept albums about, er, celebrity-induced psychosis (I think? (The Wall)) or overly earnest dudes in their 40s with ludicrous bank balances trying to be deep (The Division Bell).

Other than Momentary Lapse of Reason I don't think there's a stone-cold dud in the catalogue of studio albums, I mean a lot of people have a lot of love for Division Bell, but it just doesn't get me like the wigged out early stuff. Dark Side is just fantastic though - the production and mixing etc make it sound so current, even 45ish years down the line. I don't dig it as much as the psych era, but out of all the prog era albums it's the one that still stands up and warrants the rep. Start there, try out Meddle and Wish You Were Here, if Meddle gets you then work backwards, if Wish gets you then work forward.

Oh, and everyone needs to hear the live disc of Ummagumma. It's an absolute monster and is the only live document of its vintage to stand up to the interstellar churning terror of Hawkwind's Space Ritual.


October 31, 2017
Pink Floyd is the best band ever, wherever I go I look for their albums! I have seen Roger Waters twice and David Gilmour once and its Pink Floyd enough for me. :)

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