Radiohead AureliusNIN

September 7, 2021
Here it is, in all its glory.
Descend, you ravenous vultures!

Radiohead thexfile

November 5, 2021
edited 3 months ago
Got the Japanese release with extra bonus tracks. ?? UPC: 4580211855409

Radiohead mberg1138

September 13, 2021
Thanks! Just pre-ordered the 3 cream colored vinyl with artwork set and for shits and giggles got the limited edition 2 cassette tape set.

Radiohead thexfile

September 10, 2021
I've pre-ordered the 3CD package. Later I'll buy the Japanese versions. lol

Radiohead AureliusNIN

September 4, 2021
Kid A/Amnesiac anniversary box set has been all but announced. Any day we'll get some information. I bet there will be a new video on TikTok on Monday.

Radiohead justinhannaford

September 7, 2021
pre order is available today in red or black vinyl:

Radiohead dedindi

October 31, 2020
A clear example of a classic minor plagal cadence performed in the Ionian mode is observed in their 'No Surprises' written in the slightly lowered F major.

Radiohead as reviewed by Chalkers

April 22, 2020
There's a great deal I enjoy in Radiohead's music but I'm not sure I understand the pedestal upon which they've been placed. I think I respect the band more stylistically than I do their actual music; OK Computer being the only album of theirs that I'd accept as brilliant throughout (although I find much to enjoy in Kid A, In Rainbows, The Bends and Amnesiac). For me, In Rainbows is probably the only album of theirs post OK Computer that successfully blends their penchant for electronic effects with quality songwriting successfully and is a close second-favourite of mine.

Radiohead MB-Daniel

May 15, 2021
yep as with all the releases on here all those radio releases should be under miscellaneous

Radiohead Chalkers

May 28, 2020
Jaunellouk, don't get me wrong, I find it a very good album but I have to disagree with your opinion; there are literally hundreds of albums that have taken risky 'left turns' and stylistic shifts and to say that this is "sonically incomparable" just isn't true. Additionally, implying that OK computer is 'basic' is a huge over-simplification - I'd argue that OK computer has the upper hand from a melodic point of view but also has it's fair share of sonics and quirky time signatures.

Perhaps the reason why some of Radiohead's songs don't work for me is because when I look past the effects and quirky noises I find the melodies and the actual 'song' somewhat lacking (this is especially true of most of Hail To The Thief).

For the record, I did listen to Kid A again (although I've heard it many times before anyway) and I did enjoy it. It flows better as a complete album than any of their other efforts and it's got some superb songs on it. I miss the band's sense of melody - something that seemed to be left behind on the album that followed after OK computer. But it doesnt quite fall into the trap that I feel later albums fell into which was 'style over substance' (a cliché I know but try listening past the effects and studio wizardry...). I'm glad music like this somehow made it into the mainstream and like I said, I find much to enjoy in their catalogue, but I just don't see them as the musical innovators (or other such labels) that many people see them as.

Radiohead jaunellouk

May 26, 2020
Go back and listen to Kid A, by far their masterpiece. More depth than any album, more risks taken, less formulaic pop rock simplicity, sonically incomparable to any of their other works. From a pop rock songwriting standpoint obviously OK would carry the number one spot, but if you want something more than basic, Kid A is where it's at. Pure Brilliance

Radiohead serhatr0483

April 28, 2019
They are not in a major label since 2003 because it doesn't matter anymore. We are living in 2000's, not 80's.
I remember, when i was watching Ergo Proxy like 5-6 years ago, the credits came and i heard an amazing music.
"What the hell??? Isn't that an anime? Ending theme has to be a shitty J-Pop!"
I waited the names like 1 minute, and i saw:
Ending theme: "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead.
Thanks Ergo Proxy. Before 2012, anime world was really good...Now it's just a joke.

Radiohead Ulric_Pickar

February 2, 2019
The only album that is bad, or at least mediocre, is Pablo Honey.

Radiohead tarwater3

April 9, 2019
Agreed..... teenage bullshit music..... even "Creep" is a total theft of a song..... to my ears, even "The Bends" is not compared to later outputs!!!