Alain Milhaud

Swiss producer and manager born in 1930 in Geneva and passed away on April 24, 2018 on Madrid (Spain).
From his youth he showed his capacity for initiative and artistic inspiration, in this case at the head of one of the many orchestras that animated the most cultured European soirées.? Milhaud married a Spanish woman and settled first in Barcelona and then in Madrid, working respectively for companies such as Bélter and Columbia.
Later he created his own independent company, the CFE (Spanish Phonographic Company), with which, for example, the first album by Cucharada could see the light.? He also walked after the Madrid adventure of Bocaccio Ediciones Musicales, S.L., the record label of the small Barcelona emporium linked to the Bocaccio room, the favorite of the Catalan gauche-divine - the anti-Franco hipsters of the late 60's and early 70's.
He is especially known for his work with the group Los Bravos in you first era with the singer Mike Kennedy.? Also with the Pop-Tops, they razed with ‘Mamy blue’ in 1971, and with the Canaries who did it on a smaller scale with ‘Get on your knees’.
In both cases Milhaud gave his approval to the repertoire and was scrupulous in all those aspects that could internationalize the career of his protégés.? In a rather prudish Spain in those years, Milhaud sponsored English as the dominant language in his songs and encouraged them to adopt a risky aesthetic to image of the foreign artists and groups.
His work was essential in numerous recordings from the 60s, many of them great hits in Spain, such as Los Bravos "La Moto", Canarios "Get on Your Knees" , Pop-Tops "Mammy Blue" or "Smash's "Garrotín".
Alain Milhaud was always a strict man, very hard-working and discreet in his projection in the media. One of the fundamental characters in the evolution and history of Spanish Pop.