Green Day

Green Day is a pop punk/alternative rock band from East Bay, California that formed in 1987. They were originally called Sweet Children, but changed their name before their first release.

Current lineup
lead vocals, guitars : Billie Joe Armstrong
bass guitar, backing vocals : Mike Dirnt (Michael Pritchard)
drums, percussion : Tré Cool (Frank E. Wright III)

Former member:
Drums: John Kiffmeyer alias Al Sobrante until 1990.


Lookout -No 22c- Green Day - 39/Smooth album art Green Day 39/Smooth (Album, EP) Lookout! Records Lookout -No 22c- US 1990 Sell This Version
Lookout 46 Green Day - Kerplunk! album art Green Day Kerplunk! (Album, EP) Lookout! Records Lookout 46 US 1991 Sell This Version
K 50 014 Green Day - Dookie / Houses Of The Holy album art Green Day / Led Zeppelin Green Day / Led Zeppelin - Dookie / Houses Of The Holy(LP, MP) Atlantic K 50 014 Europe 1994 Sell This Version
9 45529-2 Green Day - Dookie album art Green Day Dookie (Album) Reprise Records 9 45529-2 US 1994 Sell This Version
9362-46046-4 Green Day - Insomniac album art Green Day Insomniac (Album) Reprise Records 9362-46046-4 Poland 1995 Sell This Version
WPCR-204 Green Day - Live Tracks = 爆発ライヴ! album art Green Day = グリーン?デイ* Green Day = グリーン?デイ* - Live Tracks = 爆発ライヴ!(CD, MiniAlbum, S/Edition) Reprise Records WPCR-204 Japan 1995 Sell This Version
Show# 96-29 Green Day - In Concert album art Stone Temple Pilots / Green Day Stone Temple Pilots / Green Day - In Concert(2xCD, Promo, Transcription) Westwood One Radio Networks Show# 96-29 US 1996 Sell This Version
9 46794-2 Green Day - Nimrod. album art Green Day Nimrod. (Album) Reprise Records 9 46794-2 US 1997 Sell This Version
SHOW# 99-24, W9924-A-05279900003 Green Day - Off The Record Special album art Lenny Kravitz / Green Day / Rage Against The Machine Lenny Kravitz / Green Day / Rage Against The Machine - Off The Record Special(CD, Promo, Transcription) Westwood One SHOW# 99-24, W9924-A-05279900003 US 1999 Sell This Version
9 47613-2 Green Day - Warning: album art Green Day Warning: (Album) Reprise Records 9 47613-2 South Korea 2000 Sell This Version
WPCR-10973 Green Day - Tune In, Tokyo... album art Green Day Tune In, Tokyo... (MiniAlbum, Album) Reprise Records WPCR-10973 Japan 2001 Sell This Version
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Show # 02-26 Green Day Absolutely Live In The Zone(2xCDr, Transcription) Westwood One Show # 02-26 2002 Sell This Version
48777-4 Green Day - American Idiot album art Green Day American Idiot (Album) Reprise Records 48777-4 Philippines 2004 Sell This Version
none Green Day - Voice Ringtones Sampler album art Green Day Voice Ringtones Sampler(CD, Promo) Reprise Records none US 2004 Sell This Version
9362-49466-2 Green Day - Bullet In A Bible album art Green Day Bullet In A Bible (Album) Reprise Records, Warner Reprise Video 9362-49466-2 Europe 2005 Sell This Version
IC 0958 Green Day - In Concert 958 album art The Futureheads / Green Day The Futureheads / Green Day - In Concert 958(CD, Transcription) BBC Radio International IC 0958 UK 2005 Sell This Version
none Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown album art Green Day 21st Century Breakdown (Album) Reprise Records none US 2009 Sell This Version
PCD-25, PCD-26 Green Day - American Idiot album art Original Broadway Cast* Featuring Green Day Original Broadway Cast* Featuring Green Day - American Idiot (Album) Reprise Records PCD-25, PCD-26 Japan 2010 Sell This Version
9362496109 Green Day - Awesome As F**k album art Green Day Awesome As F**k (Album) Reprise Records 9362496109 Brazil 2011 Sell This Version
533420-2 Green Day - ?DOS! album art Green Day ?DOS! (Album) Reprise Records 533420-2 Venezuela 2012 Sell This Version
WPCR-14825 Green Day - ?TRé! album art Green Day ?TRé! (Album) Reprise Records WPCR-14825 Japan 2012 Sell This Version
531973 2 Green Day - ?UNO! album art Green Day ?UNO! (Album) Reprise Records 531973 2 India 2012 Sell This Version
541860-2 Green Day - Demolicious album art Green Day Demolicious (Comp, Album) Reprise Records 541860-2 US 2014 Sell This Version
WKPD-0373 / 555326-2 Green Day - Revolution Radio album art Green Day Revolution Radio (Album) Reprise Records WKPD-0373 / 555326-2 South Korea 2016 Sell This Version

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January 3, 2020
edited 8 months ago
Honestly one of the best and most influential bands of all time. My favorite material form them is their pre-Dookie Lookout material but I love great amount of what came after as well. It is easy to right Green Day off as sell outs and just another pop punk band but in reality they go beyond that label. 30/Smooth and Kerplunk gave the East Bay Punk scene a nationwide recognition that only Operation Ivy was able to do before them. These albums are instant classics for me and are some of the band's most authentic works. When Lookout couldnt control their success, they had to go major label. Dookie's release in 1994 helped spearhead an entire sub genre that would see success for the next two decades. Dookie still stands as a practically flawless album in my opinion. The following three albums were all great as well Insomniac was much more aggressive, Nimrod explored more sounds while maintaining their youthful energy, and Warning explored a lot of uses of acoustic guitars and acoustic punk. And their 2004 comeback, American Idiot, was a phenomenal album that shook the mainstream and gave Green Day a respected position in music. The new sound and new style of Green Day after American Idiot would shape the genre for years to come. Green Day during the Bush era became increasingly vocal about the Iraq War and politics in general and while it polarized some, I appreciate Green Day's courage to make a stand on these issues. While I think some of their releases since American Idiot have been stale, they continue to make music for themselves and their fans if its good or not. 21st Century Breakdown had good concept but didnt turn out great, the Trilogy was a mess, and Rev Rad was a return to form. No matter what, Green Day will always be one of the best.


January 19, 2017
With snappy, three-chord songs driven by effectively unshakable rhythms and squinty-faced vocals, Green Day have set the standard for Punk-Pop. Though the genre existed before their time, this Bay Area trio -- under the tutelage of Lookout! Records co-founder Larry Livermore -- helped resurrect the catchy, two-and-a-half-minute pop song. Green Day came together at a time when Berkeley, Calif., was bubbling with new bands who were blowing air into Punk's gasping lungs.
They quickly became local favorites, frequently playing 924 Gilman St. and helping to establish the venue's legendary status. Constant touring spread their easily digestible songs the world over, and Green Day began attracting considerable attention. Though not the first Bay Area Punk band to sign with a major label, they have certainly gone on to be the biggest. Despite criticism and cries of, "sell out!" Green Day remain as obnoxious and wily as when they were teenagers.
...Plus, their song formula has remained the same -- simple, catchy, and fun, changing just enough to keep from getting boring


July 11, 2009
Dookie was the first album I ever bought. That album has obvious appeal to a 10 year old, but coming back to it after 14 years it seems as timeless as the Buzzcocks or the Replacements or anything else that I only bothered to get into after the MP3 revolution. Little did I know in 1994 that they would become the superband that they are now, bridging generation gaps and such with their very opportunistic "American Idiot". It's easy to hate a band that charges $50+ for concert tickets for what even now can be pigeonholed as Ramones style power punk, maybe with a bit of post-production gloss. Even as gifted as they are with crafting those kinds of pop rock songs, they never struck me as a "talented" band, the kind that would be fetching that sort of arena rock entry fee, but win a couple Grammys and I suppose the shoe fits.

Nevertheless I still appreciate this band despite selling out or whatever it is that they've done. It's not like they made themselves out to be the kind of people that would care about such a thing. Dookie is still an amazing pop album, American Idiot succeeds most of the time despite its blatant theatrics, and on the albums in the middle you'll find a goldmine of well made pop songs. You'd probably catch me listening to Dead Can Dance or Miles Davis before these guys nowadays, and with 21st Century Breakdown it seems they're having a lot of trouble trying to top American Idiot, but Dookie was a fine entry into the world of music that I don't regret.


August 11, 2006
edited over 14 years ago
Ok, they're Punk, although not living like punks - even less that they would die for it. When ′Dookie′ hit the charts, they weren't even that young to claim music for teens - still in Punk or whatever's left of its 70s fashion commodity, Green Day turned into 'idiots' they refuse to be.

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