Lana Del Rey CR272

October 18, 2021
dare i say iconic? yes i dare! no other singer/musician can do anything she does.

Lana Del Rey Morghal

September 9, 2021
edited 10 months ago
Let's go once again to list all variants of the new album, Blue Banisters :
- White vinyl, regular cover (exclusive to Lana del Rey shop/Amazon)
- Yellow vinyl, alternative cover (exclusive to Lana del Rey shop/Urban Outfitters)
- Red vinyl, alternative cover (indie exclusive)

Let me know if a variant is missing.

Lana Del Rey laurennlauren33

September 11, 2021
Most likely, but we probably won’t be able to see any discernible differences until people start opening them up

Lana Del Rey Swordfishtrombonist

September 11, 2021
Urban outfitters are also selling the yellow vinyl with alternate cover as UO Exclusive in the US, the UK/EU store has no trace of a store exclusive version (or any version of the record) as of today.
There’s also no EU shop showing signs of stocking the red vinyl variant so far.

Lana Del Rey maxal

September 10, 2021
+ 2 x casettes (red / brown), each with different slipcase covers.

+ 3 x CD options (CD same in all options), only difference is the cover artwork. None-numbered CD and #1 are Lana and 2 alsations, #1 has the cover image full bleed and Lana's pose is slightly different. #2 has a sophisticated lana face shot. There are 2 x cover variations available for the vinyl.

So far there isn't a special CD option, surely there will be one?

Lana Del Rey Oldmacs475

September 10, 2021
Is the amazon transparent white the same as the Lana Del Rey shop transparent white?

Lana Del Rey skyrblue

September 9, 2021
edited 11 months ago
Indie exclusive is again for Target, HMV and European market.
Also Amazon has the transparent white version.
Standard black by Luna Music Store

Lana Del Rey maxal

September 8, 2021
To add . . .

I like the way Lana isn't relying on 'reinventing' herself through costume and characters. (Consider the multi characters of Bowie, Madonna and Gaga).

Lana is always smartly presented, good make up, clothes, no doubt Dollar is involved. Copius lashings of seductive beauty, sex and confidence. However, her latest albums have a relatively stripped back look, almost a no make-up look. This is pure Lana (I 'think' **?!**?), and VERY strong. There's a place for all approaches, but to give credit, it takes a certain strength to leave the character props behind.

Lana Del Rey as reviewed by maxal

September 8, 2021
Moving on from Morghal's below comment, looks like we're heading for another vinyl rainbow (October 22, 2021). Red, white, yellow, black. Three different cover artworks. And little cassettes too. I’m hoping there will be a pen.

La La Lana's really churning them out now. An album every six months . . . it's questionable as to whether she is maintaining the peak she staggeringly keeps with all her albums up to and including Lust for Life.

Check out the Arcadia video. "Et in Arcadia ego". Also in Paradise I am.

There are some interesting finger signs at the 4:10 minute and 5:35 minute intervals: praying + peace + middle finger and tongue out- though the praying is left out at the 5:35 point - just about covers every eventuality! Such brazen sassiness, what a charmer.

Of the 5:45 minutes, I most like the last minute after the 4:25 mark, this is where Lana’s Quirk comes to the fore. Quirk is what makes Lana great: on top / behind the polished songs, she does quirk well. You don’t have to dig deep to find it.