Journey as reviewed by Expansive09

January 16, 2019
No Steve Perry no Journey. Raised on Radio was the last ditty worth listening IMHO and even that was at best mediocre as oppossed to say Frontiers or Departure. The new singer yes he's got pipes but a cheap replacement isnt the real deal just like Dennis De Young was a vital organ in Styx. Even Journeys more psych/prog early material showcases the talented roots of a band that basically owned the 80s airwaves!

Journey jonmarks73

May 3, 2020
I thought his post ROR work - For The Love Of Strange Medicine and then the Journey swangsong Trial By Fire were awesome albums.

Journey ChimeraGenesis

January 29, 2020
IMHO Raised ON Radio is their best album and Revelation is an amazing album regardless if it's Steve Perry singing or not. I got to be honest I really don't understand your point of view Journey is Journey because of everyone in the band it was never Just Steve Perry who made them Journey. I think calling Arnel a cheap replacement is disrespectful if anything I mean Steve Perry says he's great in Journey even so I think that says something.

Journey BeatlELO10538

March 30, 2019
Hey, at least that gave us "Girl Can't Help It".

Journey Rolskidrakeski

March 2, 2019
correct!!! I agree you are right No Perry no Journey...but anyway i like to listen

Journey TabloidWeasel

April 14, 2017
Journey are most definitely an acquired taste. One of the most popular and successful bands from the late '70s to the mid '80s, they continue to have a fanbase and, of course, detractors (many of them being purists of the band's early progressive jazz fusion ventures). The overplay of "Don't Stop Believin'" may have been the main source of annoyance and/or hatred towards this group but they still don't seem to get much credit when it really is due. Steve Perry was one of the most powerful voices of the '80s, one of those voices in which upon hearing it, you know who it is. Neal Schon was and still is an underrated guitarist. Just listen to "Edge of the Blade" and you'll be amazed by what he can do. Whether you like 'em or not, Journey are still an important part of the '80s rock scene. You can't really have the decade without them.

Journey Dreammare

February 17, 2021
Agree. Journey defines what is the best in American rock from 1970's prog fusion to 1980's arena pop rock AOR at finest. And terrific live act as proved on Captured double live album with Gregg Rolie, the best line-up.

Journey jonmarks73

May 3, 2020
Edge Of The Blade is the greatest Journey song 90% of Journey fans have never heard...I was lucky enough to see them play it when they played my home town here in the UK in 2005 although it later turned out that Augeri lip synced the whole set...

Journey ambgs6070

March 2, 2020
I don't know what radio stations you're listening to but haven't heard Journey on the radio in years. I heard Don't Stop Believing like once in 2018 but I haven't since.

Journey REENO

December 6, 2017
No...that is NOT what we are saying. At all.

Journey REENO

September 27, 2017
I think you missed his point. Radio should be playing OTHER songs, instead of the same 3.

Journey PursuingLife

August 20, 2017
yes the radio stations should limit the play of journey