David Bowie django1965

December 26, 2017
how can things like the k-tel/all saints compilation and rare be unofficial?

David Bowie jayethan

November 17, 2017
Does anyone else agree that records,such as,Bowie/Elvis Space Oddity/Fool and the numerous others be in the Appearances section and not in Bowies own singles section ?

David Bowie 6338041

November 25, 2017
Yes, I agree. Whilst of interest to some they are specifically compiled by the record companies to promote various releases. Not part of the main discography.

I think the only way to do this is have the artist change to "Various", though there's an existing guideline about listing the main artists as the artist (which means they show up where they do). Put a forum topic up, ping people and see what response you get.

David Bowie dgenda

March 21, 2017
Yes it is. But its value depends on many factors - number of copies, was it reprinted with correct title, was it withdrawn... No matter what it is, you should create release for your Cassette and in format choose and mark tag MISPRINT.
Also, keep on mind under guidelines title of your misprinted cassette is added correct as on normal releases while misprinted title goes to Release Notes below credits.

David Bowie gnp5164

March 16, 2017
Would anyone know if a mis printed Pin Ups (Printed Pins Up) cassette is collectabile?

David Bowie jopper484

December 29, 2017
Late pressing Australian copies have this mistake; it is the release where the information is printed directly on to the shell ; usually blue or black ink onto a white shell. Have a look on

David Bowie keithzola

June 5, 2016
Wow, cant believe how great the records on Bureau Supply are. Sound quality and packaging are amazing.

David Bowie puppyrevenge-2009

September 16, 2016
Yeah but it would appear they've been busted. You can't buy their stuff on here anymore. There are other sources selling their releases though

David Bowie hafnarbakki

May 29, 2016
why does 'Heroes' come before Low here at discogs?
Low was made after Station To Station and before 'Heroes'

David Bowie GoodYegg

January 11, 2017
same thing happens in my sorts the alphabetically within the year. " or H comes before L in that kind of sorting

David Bowie bbark01

November 11, 2016
It seems that any time that an artist has two releases in the same year the later release is posted first. This happens with every artist I've looked at.

David Bowie PeterBenn

September 15, 2016
I checked the master releases and looked at the release dates on the Key Release entries - Low has Jan 1977..."Heroes" only had 1977 - so I changed this to 14th Oct 1977...but still appears in the wrong may take a while to filter through...or there may be something else that needs updating, or the discogs sort doesn't work???

David Bowie nzkeven

September 8, 2016
YES! I agree that's silly! Heroes is the 2nd release of '77 not the first right? :)

David Bowie Gm4Gp

June 1, 2016
I think it's due to alphabetical order in year. Both from 1977, but H comes before L ;-)

David Bowie strangemodegirl

May 6, 2016
I still can't get over his passing. The only other artist that hit me this hard was Joe Strummer.
Bowie was my very first rock star crush and the first album I ever bought was Hunky Dory. I was in 4th grade, 1982. I have been in love with him and his music ever since.
He seemed immortal.

David Bowie salvadory

November 27, 2017
yp same here Strummer as well.. when paul weller dies I will feel the same way again

David Bowie innersoundz

October 22, 2016
I still can't realize that David Bowie passed away. A great shock.
I still remember the day I bought my first DB records in London while I was an exchange student from Italy in 1977( Station To Station,Low and Heroes) I was only 13 years old.
He changed my life, he opened the doors of music,till that moment i was listening classical,Beatles, and nothing more.
I consider Bowie one of the greatest of music history with Bach,Mozart,Stockhausen, John Cage,Lou Reed,Scott Walker just to name a few.
A big loss for all humanity. I will remember forever exactly the minute I got the news of his death while I was driving: all my life passed away with his music and his positive influence but you are right ,he's immortal,eternal.Everytime I listen to his songs,it's an experience.


David Bowie longdogrecords

May 13, 2016
It was Strummer and Bowie with me too. I grew up with Bowie and the Clash introduced me to ideas that have shaped my life ever since. I first saw Bowie in 1972 when I was 15; £1.00 a ticket at the Boscombe Ballroom in Bournemouth. Bowie has been with me throughout my teenage and adult life, the soundtrack to my memories, and I agree that he seemed immortal and somehow otherworldly.