David Bowie Dutchdean

January 7, 2019
This section is a mess, too many vinyl compilations listed. They are not albums! For example 'Rock Concert' from 1979...
this is not a complete album. it is a cheap at the time collection of live tracks from 'Stage'.
Please can we sort this out...

David Bowie realmdemagic

June 5, 2019
I think the album category is too broad. I think having sections for Studio, Live and Promotional albums will help every single artist page, but it isn't a change that the discogs staff is willing to make.

David Bowie RickLucero

May 14, 2019
I do not understand... the section clearly states "Unofficial" .. so that includes Bootlegs, Pirate and Counterfeit LPs. Rock Concert is a pirate I believe. . I must say many of the "Leave" LPs from Taiwan are listed as official which they should not be. They are pirates...band or label never got paid.

David Bowie TimBucknall

May 11, 2019
its highlights from David Live, i can see why it kind of falls between categories
you could compare it to the single disc versions of the WHO's tommy or Lifetimes Emergency

David Bowie 6338041

April 10, 2019
Please read the comments when this was attempted to be changed to compilation:

Look at comments that would date to approx Jan 2019, It was changed to a compilation and one very active user demanded it wasn't a compilation, and, IMO, basically ignored the evidence produced to show it was a compilation.

David Bowie Dutchdean

February 8, 2019
Correct the Depeche Mode album section is awful too...I would do something but know it would last only 5 minutes...

David Bowie 939marian

January 12, 2019
Same feelings here. So many interview, radio transcription etc useless albums between regular one. Should be sorted as regular albums plus all others imho...

David Bowie as reviewed by maxal

December 31, 2018
THE BOWIE VINYL FACTORY - or - how Death increases fame - and profit for all except the performer
[specifically vinyl here . . .]

There are so many vinyl Bowie releases after his death. It was totally understandable the year of Bowie's death, though still awesome in its extent. He's obviously one of our greatest artists and performers. And in the capitalist world, the reaction is More Product. Only the well-pocketed with a shed-load of storage can possibly keep up. Of course there was Black Star and its singles. Then presses and continual represses of important and recent albums. Lazarus the stage production and the complete Man Who Fell to Earth. The expensive and quirky 7" picture discs, unplayed by most (?), one of them has a Starman price.

Of course there is the completist's dream the 'five' year box sets. Wonderful items, though perhaps a bit of a tease for those who already have all the albums. Then other items, some of which are great to listen to. Bowie at the Beeb is a quality production and has some truly alternative takes. And other items, some of them 'rare', some simply odd: anthologies, live sets, collaborations, some 'strictly limited' . . . some unsellable before Bowies death. And some not even worth having? I wouldn't know - I don't have that big shed.

Now we have the swirly vinyl ltd edition !!! It's a key edition for the hard-to-find-on-vinyl Outside (complete - not 'excerpts'). For me Outside is a key Bowie album. It is great to have the full version available on vinyl again - I hope the sound production does the music justice. Less key are the other swrirlies - and three swirly options for each album !!! Fine, yes, it's fun, but kind of totally mad since these albums weren't being sold by the pick-up truck before death. It does make you wonder what the message is. (And let's not get all gloomy - it really isn't worth it, far worse things are happening.)

My comment throughout this mania (not aimed at sellers) is think when you collect. In my opinion, real fans should be looking at the older items and perhaps even when Bowie was less popular. It helps when your taste is not populist *. There are some great items out there at cheap prices. Listen to it, choose carefully and enjoy it. Don't buy because it is Bowie. Buy it because you love Bowie.

Sometimes when these current 'ltd editions' are issued they are not that limted at all (a ten thousand press run is not going to be a valuable collector's piece, unless it is Black Star). It is incredible the Bowie mania is still continuing (and being harvested). It won't continue. Those who bought because of the mania not the sound will eventually turn away and then prices will stabilise. Another Star will die and Bowie will be only appreciated by his fans (perhaps a growing number?). Some items will remain precious because of their genuine relevance and rarity, many others will drop in price.

. . . and another black star . . .

* Let's face it: Bowie might have had fame firmly clutched in his grasp, but I think he looked at fame ironically and preferred individualism. I wonder how well fans take in that message. The album Outside is a good lesson.

David Bowie 52lobster

January 7, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
But who cares. It's same old story. We saw it many times before. Elvis, Lennon , Mercury, Cobain to name of few . Death is best promotion. Just buy what you love. For example I'm happy with Glastonbury 2000 but don't care about new boxes

David Bowie django1965

December 26, 2017
how can things like the k-tel/all saints compilation and rare be unofficial?

David Bowie RickLucero

May 14, 2019
Concur 1000%. A contract and payment has to be or it is unofficial. Period. Boot, Counterfeit or Pirate.. Each is totally different but all the artist and label (who ever owns rights) does not has not contracted said reproducer to make a LP and thus does not get paid.

David Bowie RickLucero

May 14, 2019
Question always is to KNOW what the LP really is... did the band get paid and label?? That would mean there is a contract and all is good....meaning a official LP. If not they belong in this section.

David Bowie ians45s

December 26, 2018
There are some strange things going on here and I agree about the KTel and Ronco, etc compilations should NOT be unofficial as they WERE released. They have restricted my offerings of Collectibles Box Sets which were sold by Nina's Discount Oldies/Oldies.com and are cool collectables in their own right. The strangest things are going on over at feeBay.

David Bowie unclearthur

November 6, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
You have some really bad reply's! The original releases are not unofficial but you will see some in the sections, and others releases, that are. This is because making counterfeit (fake) copies became a source of money for a bootlegger. Its always best on this site if people know what their buying. Just as today you can buy an iphone that is a copy from China even though it looks the part.

David Bowie WOL2

May 30, 2018
They are not unofficial as RCA owned the recordings and could license them out to whatever label they liked. Although Bowie did not approve those releases, he didn't own the rights to them back then, hence they are official releases. Only after Bowie got the rights from RCA, that people have retconned them on here as unofficial as he never reissued them. The thing with Discogs it's full of know-it-alls that know nothing, unofficial means not licensed from the owner of the rights.